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As of the Regenesis movement, Scott Summers AKA Cyclops felt the need to increase the defense and security in and around Utopia, he gave Ororo Munroe AKA Storm command over her very own hand-picked roster to do so. The original team consisted of: Storm, Psylocke, Domino, Colossus, Warpath and Jubilee, they were dubbed the Security Recon team.


The team first appeared together as a group in X-Men #20 written by Victor Gischler and pencilled by Will Conrad.

Team Evolution

As a team, they've been operating throughout the world since their creation. Even as the team's stories and happenings are self-contained to one title, outside of that, Betsy Braddock is frequently seen as a representation of what they stand for. Upon Pixie's addition to the team (and Brian Wood taking over from Victor Gischler), Storm's tried to push the "Security" aspect of the team forward.

Major Story Arcs

Machines of War

First briefing

Their first mission as a team spiraled directly out of Schism. Cyclops had confirmed that there was even more fall-out from the arms conference that were discussing the usage of Sentinels to attack and/or kill mutants. In Grozny (a place the team usually comes across during their adventures) some men were selling newly revamped Sentinels to Second Parties, Cyclops made Storm aware of this and she took it on initiative that she would need to create a team for this, he clarified that and then added that were more secret, conspicuous looking men at work, and they didn't know who they were. Later on, Storm and the rest of the team take off with their own Blackbird while touching on Domino's whereabouts, all of a sudden, War Machine of the Secret Avengers stopped Storm and the rest from moving anywhere further into Chechen airspace. Storm and War Machine argue about the subject before Storm comes to the conclusion that they'll follow his orders and leave regardless, little did he know, she was lying.

Meanwhile, in Puternicstan, Governor Strelonivich and General Nobakov are discussing the recent retrieval of Sentinels for their country, Nobakov mentioned that only one of the Sentinels gotten were of use, the other two were faulty.

Some Engineers are working on 1 of the 2 Sentinels, ominously, it awakens having detected a mutant, Domino. Immediately, she makes her escape and walks in on two armed men, she attacks them first and a huge fire-fight breaks out, she contacts Storm and Psylocke in the process, telling them about her situation, then, Domino get's approached by a Sentinel, after that, all forms of contact and communications is lost between Domino and the rest of her team. Seeing that, Storm requests that Warpath, Jubilee and Psylocke head to Domino's last location immediately, Storm and Colossus stay to distract any upcoming adversary, but before they can do that, War Machine blasts the three of them reinforcing the fact that he told them all to mind their own business, Storm insists that they leave while she deals with War Machine. Colossus tries to calm him down but War Machine reacts with a harsh punch, Peter punches him back and in annoyance, starts to let the Cyttorak persona take control but Storm stops him in mid-transformation, reminding him that it's not needed. War Machine strikes back at Colossus again, Storm then decides to take the offensive and strikes back at him with a fierce bolt of lighting, she let's him know that her and the rest of her teammates will not be going anywhere for as long as Domino is left for dead.

Hero against Hero

A battered War Machine struggles to get up as Storm tries to reassure him about the situation, he doesn't listen, they fight, and soon, Colossus rejoins the battle, before things get ugly War Machine notices Symkarian jet's violating airspace rules, the fight ends. Upon coming to somewhat of a truce, Storm, Colossus and War Machine discuss their next plan of actions, Storm and War Machine come to an agreement that it would be the best to take down as many Sentinels as they can, just as long as Domino is brought back from wherever she is. During that, Governor Strelonivich is given more info about the mutant who tried to spy on her men, Domino. She lets the General know that there are some things that she though best to keep him in the dark about. Later on, Psylocke and the two others give Storm a status update, they've infiltrated the Sentinel base and are one-by-one taking down any and all operatives that might serve as a distraction, Psylocke mentions that they haven't exactly gotten to Domino, nor do they know of her whereabouts, but at the same time, Psylocke and the others come across the two "faulty" Sentinels, she then notices some blueprint for up and coming work, then the trio make a shocking discovery, the base is home to more Sentinels than they could ever imagine.

Domino comes to and forces one of the scientists who took tests on her to help find the rest of her teammates, at that same time, Governor Strelonivich and the rest of her men are manning the Sentinels, they spot Colossus, Storm and War Machine near the base, she asks that one of the Sentinels apprehends them, that it does. They have re-programmed it so that mutants aren't it's only targets, just about everything else is. The Sentinel captures and damages War Machine, though, it still tags him as a mutant.

Colossus and Storm attack the Sentinel, they notice that this isn't like the other Sentinels, this one is stronger, more adaptable. It's a long fight, but they manage to get through. Psylocke and the others are still fighting near the warehouse, Warpath suggests that they speed up the fighting in order to help Storm and the others. Governor Strelonivich is informed that the Sentinel will eventually succumb to defeat, she notes that three of Earth's Mightiest Heroes were struggling against that one Sentinel and revels in it, taking in mind that Symkaria and other adversaries like Doom and Dracula would think twice about trying to cross any of her lines.

Enter Domino

Domino continues to bully her captured scientist throughout the base and threatens to do worse things if he doesn't comply to her standards. Eventually, she reaches Psylocke, Warpath and Jubilee, prompting them to question her scientist if they need answers concerning the whole situation. Jubilee notices that the scientist is bleeding, she almost falls for temptation before Warpath restrains her. Meanwhile, Governor Strelonivich and her men see that the Sentinel they sent after War Machine and the others had finally fallen, she then moves onto the next stage of plan ordering that all of the Sentinels that were in the warehouse be activated and unleashed upon Symkaria, while Jubilee, Psylocke, Warpath and Domino are present at the warehouse and watch this event unfold before their eyes, Jubilee gets a little excited and hops onto one of the Sentinels while taking one of Warpaths Vibranium Knives, Psylocke quickly alerts Storm of what's happening, just as Storm, Colossus and War Machine reach the warehouse they are faced with a barrage of Sentinels. Inside the data room, Governor Strelonivich revels in what she has done, she questions that her General has nothing to say as history is made, his reply is cut short as one of her men enters telling her that something ominous happened while the Sentinels were taking off, it was a raging hurricane forming in the path of Symkaria and the Sentinels, it was Storm.

Psylocke, Storm and War Machine against the Sentinels of War

As the war rages on, Storm tells Colossus and War Machine that she's almost maxed out in terms of natural power to use, War Machine gives Colossus a fastball special to one of the Sentinels, at the same time, Jubilee continues her destruction of some of the Sentinels. At the base, Strelonivich and the others notice the hurricane, this annoys her greatly and she persists that the Sentinels get to Symkaria one way or the other, Nobakov enters the room with police men at his side, ordering that they arrest Strelonivich for her creation of a full-blown war. She fights back and wins it, suspecting that he would have done something of the sort. Later, Psylocke, Domino and Warpath continue their interrogation, since physical attempts weren't working, Psylocke proceeds to telepathically search his mind for answers on how to get to the Sentinel control room. Being unable to get to the centre of the problem by herself, Psylocke enlists the help of Madison Jeffries to help her figure out a way to stop the Sentinels, along with the assistance of Nobakov. Jubilee furthers her secret assault on the Sentinels, noticing Colossus and War Machine on the way, as she crash lands to the ground, she get's approached by a mysterious man who asks her to join him in pursuit of becoming a more disciplined Vampire. Madison steps in and manages to succesfully give Storm the code via Psylocke, the Sentinels stop in their tracks, later on Storm gives Cyclops the details of what happened, she then mentions something all the more worrying. Jubilee went missing and they weren't able to find her, she then told him that her and the rest of her team would go on a mission to find Jubilee, how ever long that might take.

Open Contract

Upon their last mission, Jubilee went missing. Storm, Psylocke, Domino, Warpath and Colossus made it their responsibility to find her or die trying.

The Curse of A Mutant

In the secret parts of South China, a distorted Jubilee was taking lessons from Raizo Kodo of The Forgiven on how to control her Vampiric urges, at first, they didn't work. When Jubilee tried to escape their hideout she met a human boy, she felt somewhat of an attraction towards him, but it was a Fatal Attraction, instead of kissing him she was about to bite him, looking at herself in the mirror and not seeing her reflection while committing such an act forced her to leave in disgust, running back to Raizo Kodo.

Still searching for their missing teammate, Storm and the others are informed by Madison Jeffries about Jubilee's most likely whereabouts, they take the lead and Domino stumbles upon a low-budget safe-room, The Forgiven take them by the surprise and the mood of the situation quickly changes. Storm immediately demands that they say where Jubilee is, The Forgiven procrastinate and Warpath throws the first punch, a fight between the Vampires and the X-Men breaks out until Jubilee out of nowhere stops the whole thing, she explains to Storm why she never told them about her leaving, how she can't possibly live off of Wolverine's blood transfusions for the rest of her life. The chat is interrupted by Colossus who has more or less punched up the Zapata Brothers, who then confess their intentions of trying to assasinate a certain Razio Kodo for bounty, one of The Forgiven members clarifies that statement by showing on the camera screen that some of Marvel's most deadliest Mercenaries were scouring the island in search of the target.

The last stand

Deadpool enters the inner depths of the Island, Domino catches him and lets him know the situation, they need help against the other Mercenaries. Meanwhile in the tech room, Storm and Raizo watch as the battle rages on, Colossus was sent to apprehend them by Storm, as well as Ghost Blade by Raizo. Raizo attempts to advice Storm on the matter but she lashes back at him, making him fully aware that all she wanted was to find Jubilee and bring her out, as they begin to argue Jubilee settles the situation. Outside, the battle rages on as Domino, Deadpool, Warpath and Colossus fight to the finish to protect the island. Storm runs impatient and demands that her teammates are pulled out of their fights, Jubilee sense Storm's "prejudice" towards Raizo and the other Vampires, as they continue to converse Psylocke's mind gets brutally attacked, leaving her down for the count, the electronic systems go haywire while Storm, Razio and Inka are both felled in the process, leaving Jubilee alone with her instincts to fight the mysterious oppressor one-on-one.

Jubilee and what is apparently Lord Deathstrike, duke it out in a bloody sword-fight, as it starts, it's already evident that Jubilee might just be out of her league with this one. Outside, the Mercenaries and the X-Men/Vampires that are fighting them begin to lose their fights, Lady Bullseye however, retreats before things get rough. Domino rendevous with the rest of them in time to get back to other X-Men, realizing that the whole thing was a distraction. Jubilee continues to fight Lord Deathstrike, everytime he lands a striking blow, knowing that she has to win this, Jubilee get's tricky and blinds him with her yellow trench-coat, he tears it up, she charges back at him, anticipating his next move, it worked. Lord Deathstrike directed his sword at Jubilee, her stomach, precisely, it went straight through. She's in obvious pain but head-butts and punches him, demonstrating that it's not that easy to kill a Vampire, she proceeds to bite him but is stopped by Raizo who reminds her of what she was trying so hard to save, her humanity.

Later on, Storm comes to a decision with Jubilee, she allows her to stay with The Forgiven, but letting her know that she will forever have a place with the X-Men.

Blank Generation

Upon wanting to emphasize the "Security" aspect of the team, Storm induces some changes. Warpath leaves the team, while Pixie joins.

Megan is testing out her flying and teleporting capabilities in the atmosphere while keeping in touch with the rest of her teammates, she reaches the Andaman sea in monsoon season and that messes up her routine, she teleports back to Security Recon's X-Jet and Colossus gives the team a mission briefing. A monster of sorts is wreaking havoc in Grozny, the team sets to check it out, Colossus knocks it out with one punch, Psylocke telepathically scans it for any anomalies, Storm asks Colossus to take a sample.

Watching the footage

Later on, Storm is looking at the sample, Domino walks in on her, questioning if she knows the sample or knows something of it, Storm vaguely replies back to her, requesting Megan's assistance at the same time.

Storm and Pixie travel to Finland for a bit, Storm introduces Megan to the Mutantes Sans Frontiers team (last seen in Astonishing X-Men - Xenogenesis), a woman by the name of Dr. Hunter meets Storm, not hiding the fact that it was an honour to meet both Storm and Megan, Storm hands over the sample to Dr. Hunter, trusting that she will take good care of it and not let it get into the wrong hands instead of giving it to Scott.

Later on, Storm starts "skyping" with Scott, they discuss the recent happenings in Grozny and in other parts of the world, she fills him in. Further down the conversation, Scott asks Storm if she managed to get any test samples or remains from the monster, she hesitates to tell him the truth...she lies to him. She denies getting any sort of sample and recommends that they try get some Chechen Earth from where the monster was destroyed as Security Recon doesn't exactly have that capability.

The team, still inside their personal jet are en route to Colossus' location, where he is evidently still dealing with a Cthulhu-like monster in the sea, Colossus struggles with it, Psylocke tries to calm him down, Domino shoots a grenade at the monster which causes it to go haywire.

Colossus, in danger

The team are still battling the monster, Psylocke hits with an E.M.P originating from the jet, as Colossus still struggles with the monster, Psylocke tries to get in touch with it's consciousness, she makes a shocking discovery which prompts her to immediately request a speedy exit. As they are about to leave, the grenade that Domino shot at the monster finally explodes, Colossus at the centre of the blast feels the full force of it and the remnants of the monster. In the aftermath of it all, Storm heads to Paris, to meet Sabra, an ally of the X-Men, a Doctor comes in to check on Peter's situation, he's in shock and some sort of trauma, Psylocke notes that she doesn't blame him, she has never in her life faced such a being.

Later on, Psylocke and Megan are asked to head to Quebec on word of another monster siting from one of Storm's associates. They head over, Megan asks Psylocke about what she felt when touching the monster, it wasn't good.

Confronting the monster

Storm gets a phone call from Dr. Hunter, they continue to discuss the sample that Storm gave her, she found out that it wasn't exactly what they what it was, they're a different species altogether, like Neanderthals were to humans. Storm grows a little concerned upon hearing this, as it means that she will need to tell Scott about it, something that she does not want to do as of yet. They learn that the monsters are somewhat being used as weapons against them, bioengineered, like that of Kaga, Dr. Hunter assured Storm that it's best to anticipate the worst out of all this. Megan is asked to come back to HQ for a team meeting. Domino isn't exactly amused at Ororo's decision to not tell Cyclops about anything that's happened, Storm notes that this is a serious matter, telling Cyclops or even Wolverine could cause their Schism to increase in proportions, as they continue to discuss, Psylocke telepathically lets the team know that she agrees with Storm, a woken up Colossus on the other hand, does not. Mean while, Psylocke get's awoken by some sort of strange presence, it's the monster. It's headed in her direction, yet again, she tries to telepathically reach out to it's conciousness, figuring out what it is, and just about where it came from, she was almost overwhelmed. The monster passes her by and heads for a populated district, she chases after it.

Psylocke, in pursuit of the monster, reaches it, in the city of Quebec, with some of Storm's help. She telepathically calms the gargantuan monster back to her size, indicating to Storm, that she'll be bringing him back. Back in the jet, Storm and Colossus have a few words concerning recent happenings as Pixie tries to talk to the monster. Colossus does not agree with Storm's handling the situation, in not telling Scott about any of their escapades, they argue about it for a bit, until Dr. Hunter calls in with shocking news, the Mutantes Sans Frontiers lab was crashed and some of the samples and files were missing, in panic and noticing that they were being contacted by an interent cafe, Storm and Colossus immediately prompted her to close off the connection, letting her know that when the time arises, they will find her.

Pixie walks in on them and tells them about the monster's situation, he only speaks Russian, much to Colossus' joy. It was an ancient type, one that took Colossus half an hour to understand and get used to, he asked for his sister, Illyana Rasputin AKA Magik to be called in, in order to get a better understanding of the situation.

Magik gives the team a low-down of what happened to Ister, the monster's name and his race, the Proto-Mutants. It was the Black Plague, it caused the humans to hunt the Proto-Mutants down to their final numbers, it was complete genocide, in short. Illyana suggested that she makes user of her time-travel powers to prevent the tragedy from happening, Storm thinks against it, baring in mind the consequences of dealing with time and the like, Illyana then suggests that they hand over the situation to the likes of X-Club, Storm thinks against that, too, much to Illyana's annoyance and surprise.

Upon entering the control room of the jet, Psylocke assures Storm that she's doing the right thing in not telling Scott. Then, something out of the ordinary happens to Storm, as she snaps out of her trance she senses something, she calls for Colossus and Magik. Psylocke, out of nowhere, senses the same thing, Pixie alerts Storm that Cyclops made a call, then, Ister drops to the floor, blood gushing from his nose and ears, Psylocke tries to grasp what's left of him, she then gets to the bottom of the mystery, the man who was doing all this, commiting such an atrocity was David Michael Gray.

The hunt begins

Learning the whereabouts of the villian that was commiting such atrocities, the team set-off to the location that Psylocke gave them. Psylocke managed to find Gray's exact position, Colossus got that and confronted Doctor Gray, he was infuriated. It didn't last long, though, as Gray offed himself, much to Colossus' annoyance. While looking through Gray's lab, Colossus stumbled upon Ister's sister, who was dead.

Later on, the team held somewhat of a grieving ceremony for the dead lives that Gray had toyed with, Psylocke mentions that now, knowing what Ister went through as well as his origin and back-story, it means something entirely different to be a mutant now, something only the Security Team are aware of. Storm comes to a conclusion that it would have been a wiser option to have told Scott from the start, as the mission ends, she calls him up.

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