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Plot Summary

Dark Avengers vs. X-Men

San Francisco has become a troublesome state in the United States of America. Senator Simon Trask and his followers confront Hank McCoy and fellow mutant students. The two group begin to pass along words seemingly not used in months. "Mutie", "Freak", and Hellion a headstrong mutant lashes out on the senator. A battle wages between the two groups and Pixie is hurt critically, and is escorted to the nearest hospital. While that is going on, Hank is shocked to becoming unconscious. The subject or topic of this crossover is to show how the X-Men fall in this Dark Reign. Norman and Emma's agreement on allowing the mutants to do whatever they please is shattered. Martial law is set on the state, and soon Emma Frost must lead a new team of X-Men. In order, to stand beside the government for an apparent human/mutant Utopia. Soon the "Dark" X-Men shall be born...and if chaos still exists the "Dark" Avengers will handle those that fall out of line. The chess pieces on the black and white board are being moved, and someone shall rise victorious.

The ending result of this coronation gives the win to both sides of the battlefield. Resurrecting Asteroid M, has given the Uncanny X-Men a Utopia to live on. On an island similar to Genosha, the X-Men live in a sanctuary where they will no longer be denied their civil rights. However the endsong reveals that the mutants are no longer allowed to step one found on the soil of the United States of America. Norman Osborn was able to publicily show that the defeat of the mutant terrorists was a success. What they call a Utopia is indeed a prison. What must notice that Namor the king of Atlantis has joined the ranks of X-Men and Emma Frost is stuck in her diamond form, due to a sliver of the void attempting to consume the White Queen.

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