Mailing Address for mutants

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(Don't worry guys, I'm not delusional enough to try to send fanmail to Utopia.) 
Did any X-series (or any other series, I guess) ever say what the official/legal name for Utopia is? How would someone address a letter to someone living on the asteroid, like Jubilee did, if they wanted to mail it?

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I guess it's like all letters to Santa.  They go to the North Pole, even though millions of kids don't have Santa's full address.  After all, there's only one Santa so you know it's gotta go to the North Pole, right? 
Can you imagine working at the post office & getting a letter addressed:
San Francisco 
Perhaps as there's only one Utopia, then the post would just go there automatically :)

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That would be different. But I can't really see the government recognising it as officially being called 'Utopia'. 
Actually, thinking back, did the government ever officially recognise it at all?
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@pixie_child: Since they purposefully splintered way from the mainland to be autonomous... nope, that shouldn't be an officially recognised location by the government.  But I bet the post office still know where it is...

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