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Uthana Thoth
His home dimension crumbling and contracting, this proud leader of the Ano-Athox people, sensed a cosmic axis shift, a reality discrepancy caused by the void left by the realm of Asgard when it was re-situated on Earth, rather than its original location on the Yggdrasil, or World Tree. Though his power, he keeps the space surrounding his entire people, his race alive, and he sends out hordes of his warriors, commandeered by his own son Thane to usurp and conquer lands in other realities that they can claim in the name of the Ano-Athox. Claim for his own rule. In a nameless void he waited with his people, he endorses slaughter and dominion over any other races, his pride visible, when his son lets him know that the land of Alfheim has succumbed to their weapons and might, their land now under the rule of Uthana Thoth. Under his power he claims, he kept their dying Universe alive, and now with a new reality found, it is under his power he claims, that he shall rip a hole into which the Ano-Athox can enter and flourish, and this he does.  
Uthana Thoth joins his son in the slaughter and destruction of the inhabitants of Nidavellir next, he relishes in the struggle of one particular dwarf he encounters, and one of his fellow Ano-Arthox, informs him of the scarcity of beings inhabiting the land, a sign that they knew the Ano-Arthox were coming and fled, and Uthana Thoth knows this and is gleeful, as he knows that he is feared.  
The first contact that Uthana Thoth experiences of the Asgardians is during the Ano-Athox attack on the land of Svartalfheim, when Balder and Tyr arrive to put up resistance to the Ano-Athox rampage across the Nine Worlds. They are outnumbered and outgunned, but before they fall, they end the lives of many Ano-Athox, including the life of Prince Thane, Uthana's son. Lamenting his sons demise Uthana Thoth acknowledges that a challenge may yet present itself before paradise shall be within his peoples grasps. An inevitable battle was on the horizon, and the Asgardians would have to confront his power.    
On Throne
A confrontation with the Asgardian All Father Odin is the next obstacle in Uthana Thoth's path, and for the first time we know of, Uthana Thoth is found lacking. However with the aid of Thela and Fex, Uthana Thoth is able to stand victorious over the King of Asgard. Despite the tide of battle being a stalemate or against them and his earlier fear of Thor's lightning Uthana's triumph over Odin makes him confident of victory.  However, Thor's worry that the battle might consume the Earth leads him to take a giant sword that can cut through space/time and use it against  Yggdrasil.  Fearing what should happen if Thor carries out his plan Uthana orders Thor to be stopped at any cost while he continues his struggle/shouting match with Odin.  
Despite their best efforts Thor wounds the Yggdrasil causing it to remove any impurities it detects.  The World-Eaters are "deleted" and quarantined in the center of the World Tree.  Now fully bound by the rules of the tree Uthana realizes the Ano-Athrox must be more cautious than ever.  A warning that comes true when they are confronted with a vengeful Tyr and Balder who for unknown reasons are not in Valhalla or Hel.


Uthana Thoth was created and designed by Matt Fraction and  Pasqual Ferry. His first appearance was in Thor #615, and the character debuted with several other members of the Ano-Athox race, including his son Thane.  

Powers and Abilities 

Uthana Thoth appears somewhat analogous to the Asgardian All Father Odin, in stature and power. Although Odin proved to be superior in individual combat until overwhelmed when Uthana Thoth's allies decided to intervene. Still, many of all Uthana Thoth's claims of power, such as keeping a dying Universe alive, to keep his race alive, and breaching weak barriers of reality to allow travel for his ship appear to be verified by his actions. It is likely he is the most powerful of the Ano-Athox race, a warrior race in of itself. 

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