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Physiology of the Planet

Utapau is a world dominated by windswept plains and large underwater oceans. The fact that there is very little surface water meant that the Utapauns built their cities downwards. This created the impression of holes along the planet, also due to the low density of the rock in the crust, digging down was straightforward and this meant that the planet was perfect for hiding upon.


Utapau is inhabited by the Pau'ans who are roughly humanoid in shape and stature, and the Utai who were the working class. The Utai and Pau'ons were forced to co-exist following climate change on the planet forcing everyone below the surface.

Notable Events

During the clone wars remained neutral, until General Grievous descended upon the planet and threatened to blow up the capital : Pau City should h receive anything less than full co-operation. Fortunately for the planet 2 Null Advanced Recon Commandos located Grievous during the clone war and notified the Jedi Council who dispatched Obi-Wan Kenobi. Obi-Wan with some assistance from the locals found the secret bass of Grievous and bested him in combat along with several droids. I was here that Commander Cody received Order 66 and attempted to kill Obi-Wan, however failed.

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