star trek shows a bit of human arogance

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have you ever noticed that in star trek they always seem to imply that humans are in some way better than other races, take the vulcans sometimes it seems like the humans are talking down to them for their lack of emotions despite the fact that without them they managed to build an advanced civilization in relative peace and even helped humanity get out into the universe another thing it seems to assume is that humans are the only race capable of forming more than one culture and language on one planet, now if they explained a race like the klingons as once having many cultures that eventually all came together i could understand but they make it as tho theyve always been one united culture and that just doesnt make sence that a population in the millions or billions would all look at life mostly the same, there would almost have to be many languages and religions just by sheer law of probability. sure over time it is possible for many cultures to merge into one but there would be signs of the previous cultures present 

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