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 William Campbell was a wealthy and powerful man. When he was diagnosed with a life-threatening, cancer, the world seemed to collapse around him. But dying was not in his plans.

Aided by its almost unlimited availability of money and a group of cutting-edge technicians, he designed a machine that could penetrate the barrier that separates our world from the other infinite parallel universes that make up reality. Using it, he hoped to merge his body with that of a healthy William Campbell of another universe, and leave it forever healed. But one of the CEOs of his corporation, the Biotech, suspicious of the increasing costs, arranged a trap to take control of the company. He caused Alfa Agency to believe that Campbell was actuallysophisticating new drugs. Alfa agents led by Nathan Never attacked the lab, causing an accident while Campbell was traveling in the multiverse. Caught in the maelstrom of parallel worlds, Campbell did not die but was transformed into an interdimensional being, able to live at the same time in every possible universe. His life became a terrible nightmare, and killed the man who betrayed him, hired Alfa agency to find a way to free himself from his condition. The mission of the Alfa agents failed, but Campbell, now called the Quantic Man, has not yet given up. Lusted after eternity, now he wants to die.

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