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The Unopans' home planet was decimated by the Viltrumites. They were able to flee in starships and started to rebuild their race by governing their reproduction through legal and scientific means. The Unopans encountered the Coalition of Planets and joined them because of their mutual goal of protection from the Viltrumites. As part of this new pact, the Unopans created a genetic enhancement project using their own offspring to try to build an army strong enough to stand against the Viltrumites. There was only one successful member of that experiment, "Allen the Alien". He was extremely strong and taught all there was to know about combat, but his first encounter with the Viltrumites proved to be a failure as they were even stronger. The Unopans decided to use Allen as a 'Champion Evaluation Officer' to search other planets for beings that were possibly stronger than Allen and could be enlisted as an ally against the Viltumites.

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