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Extremely mysterious woman, Unknown is distinguished by her unnaturally yellow glowing eyes, and by having a strange oiled like black substance coating her body. Details about who she is, and what motivates her are vague and sparse, only that she appears to have some connection to Jun Kazama and Jun's son Jin Kazama. Unknown is also an incredible powerful and fierce fighter with supernatural abilities. Unknown is occasionally seen with a ghost like wolf creature apparition.  


Unknown is a fictional character, that belongs to Namco Bandai. She is first introduced in the popular fighting video game franchise Tekken, debuting in Tekken Tag Tournament. In the comics Unknown first appears in Tekken Forever #1. It was said that in Tekken Forever, Unknown's past will be revealed, but the series was canceled after only one issue, and she remains a mystery. It's revealed in Tekken Tag Tournament that Unknown is actually Jun Kazama. 

Powers and Abilities 

A powerful and dangerous fighter, Unknown also has the power of mimicry. As per her connection to Jun Kazama, she is also trained in Kazama style self defense. The Unknown also appears to have supernatural abilities, including control of the earth.    

Other Media 

Video Games 

Tekken Tag Tournament (2000) 
For Further Information: Tekken Tag Tournament  
The Unknown first appears as a boss character in Tekkens first tag game. 
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (2012) 
For Further Information: Tekken Tag Tournament 2  
The Unknown reappears in the sequel to Tekken Tag Tournament, her character clarified in greater detail, revealed to be an aspect of Jun Kazama. 

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