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In this second volume, collecting issues #7-14 of the acclaimed series, a militant group makes the Unknown Soldier an offer: To focus the world's attention on Africa's problems, kill American celebrity Margaret Wells on Ugandan soil.


"One bullet can move a mountain. It is only a question of where that bullet is aimed."

Dr. Moses Lwanga no longer exists. The man who dedicated his life to helping his native Uganda by peaceful means has been destroyed by the very conflict he came to heal.

This man of peace has been reborn as a one-man army, sworn to destroy the crazed warlord who has brutalized his people. He is a killer who strikes without mercy and hides his scarred face in a mask of bandages.

An Unknown Soldier.

But he is not unknown to everyone. Rumors of his bloody crusade have spread throughout this violent corner of the world. Now dangerous forces seek to harness his power. And they have a plan.

If they kill a beautiful American actress and philanthropist, his sworn enemies will be blamed. His war could be won. One innocent life lost -- tens of thousands saved.

Now it's up to him to strike the killing blow.

The wildly acclaimed creative eam of writer Joshua Dysart (SWAMP THING, Hellboy BPRD: 1947) and international award-winning artist Alberto Ponticelli are joined by Congolese artist Pat Masioni, to present a provocative new chapter in their shocking examination of the horrors of war.

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