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A brutal murder at an IDP camp sends The Unknown Soldier spiraling into the dark underground of the refugee population in this new collection of issues #15-20.


For the first time since he abandoned his lise as Dr. Moses Lwanga and launched a one-man crusade against a brutal sectarian militant, the Unknown Soldier has found some measure of peace. Cleansed b a purifying ritual, he has silenced the sinister voice that fills his mind with murder.

But that peace will not last long. The hot winds of the dry season are blowing into the refugee camp where he has sought sanctuary, and with them come militias and mercenaries ready to exploit the people's few meager assets.

The only way Moses can stop them is to play one side against the other, working his way ever closer to the truth behind their deadly scheme. But he may not like what he uncovers -- and the drought will end in a rain of blood...

Written by Joshua Dysart (NEIL YOUNG'S GREENDALE) and evocatively illustrated by Alberto Ponticelli, DRY SEASON is the most explosive chapter yet in the series that has redefined the war comic.

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