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Incursion Wall

The Universal Incursions began after an event occurred on an Earth, causing the early death of that universe. Due to this unnatural event, the timeline of the multiverse began to contract, meaning everything would die slightly sooner than intended.

Due to the contraction, two universes smash together at the incursion point (or the place of the original event), Earth. The two Earths then touch, destroying each other and the universes they inhabit. This in turn further accelerates the contraction of the multiverse, causing universes to be destroyed over and over again.

When two Earths begin to collide, there is a short period of harmonic alignment between the two planets, allowing both to exist in the same space. This incursion will last for exactly 8 hours, at which point either both Earths are destroyed with their respective universes, or only one Earth is destroyed, sparing both universes by eliminating the incursion point.

Groups like the Illuminati and the Builders have been adamant in stopping these Incursions but others like the Black Priests have been adamant in ensuring that the Incursions run their natural course and both universes die.

It is revealed in "Blue Hell" by Black Swan that there is another form of Incursion where the sky turns Blue. The Blue Incursion occurs when a dead Earth collides with a living one, bringing Mapmakers with them, who use the Incursion to mark other Earth's to harvest for natural resources.


The concept of a Universal Incursion was created by writer Jonathan Hickman and first appeared in the story "Momento Mori" in New Avengers #1 (Feb. 2013).

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