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In the first issue of The Sandman, she is seen as a middle age woman, who because of Dream's capture, becomes victim of the Sleepy Sickness, a condition in which she cannot stop sleeping. It is later revealed that she is a Dream Vortex, someone who can connect the dreams of other beings.

While she was sleeping, she was raped by Dream's brother/sister Desire, and gives birth to her daughter Miranda Walker. Later, when Dream is released from his prison, she wakes up. Later, Miranda has a child named Rose Walker, who also becomes a Dream Vortex, which is actually something dangerous to the realm called the Dreaming, and could destroy it.Rose, not knowing the dangers involved, continues to connect people's dreams, and it is up to Dream to do something about it. He is only allowed to kill someone is if they are a Dream Vortex, but since Rose is related to to Dream, if Dream kills her, he could bring the vengeance of the Furies upon him.Luckily, before Dream can kill Rose, while in the dreaming, Unity appears, now an old woman. Unity explains to Rose, that she is actually the Dream Vortex. So she asks Rose for her heart, and Rose pulls a red glass heart out of her chest. (It is interesting to note that Dream is unsure of what's going on, showing even he doesn't know everything about the dreaming). Unity takes the heart and breaks it, killing herself and ending what would have been a kind of dream apocalypse, and preventing Dream from killing Rose.

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