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So... Union Jack is supposed to be empowered by the power of the Pendragon, and he was already peak human before that happened.

But it's never been really explained just how strong or fast or durable is he. He's allegedly in the superhuman range, but how much?
Does anybody here know what are his current stats for strength, speed, endurance, etc? Or at least a scan of him doing something which would qualify as superhuman?

Union Jack needs more love!    
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¬¬ shameless self-bump
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Stated to be enhanced human. His stats from the handbooks are:
Int 2
Strength 3
Speed 2
Dur 3
Energy 1
Fight 4

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Thanks a lot!
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I know Handbooks are official... but Shang-Chi's speed at the speed of sound and durability as Bulletproof?
And if Union Jack is an enhanced human then he can't be peak human in his stats... Cap is peak human and according to Powergrids, he and Union Jack have the same strength.. and Cap is actually faster than Union Jack.. does not compute.
According to his story and since the powergrid is pretty vague, Union Jack should be:

NOTE: These are his stats according to ME from what I can gather from his story and showings, taking into account that he's supossed to be superhuman or enhanced human. However these are UNOFFICIAL. Stats as given by the Marvel Handbook are listed above, posted graciously by fesak. According to those stats, Union Jack would be a peak human character. 

Intelligence 2 (Normal)

Strength 4 (Superhuman: From 800 lbs to 25 tons)

Speed 3 (Superhuman 30 mphs to 700 mphs)

Durability 3 (Enhanced)

Energy Projection 1 (None)

Fighting Skills 4-5 (Experienced Fighter-Master of one fighting form)
Not sure if he's mastered one fighting form, but other people in this category of Experience fighters are Christoph Nord or Maverick, Hawkeye (Considerable, as he was also Ronin), Patriot, Tigra, Beast, Archangel, Dr. Doom, Original Human Torch, Sunfire and Cyclops to name a few.

Hrmm.. Marvel needs better ways of classifying its characters.

Again, those were his stats according to me based on what is known of the character, however they are not official. Just trying to help people understand Union Jack better.    

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