Union Jack Respect Thread

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A respect thread for the Champion of the United Kingdom is long overdue! Union Jack is one of the coolest, most underrated and underexposed characters out there, so I've taken it upon myself to regale you with scans of some of his feats, enjoy!

Also, please forgive the fact that most of the scans are in spanish, only way I could find them.

First off: Low level Superhuman strength (1-5 tons)

Kicking a cathedral's door off his hinges, something a battering ram would have trouble with.
Union Jack's trusty revolver doesn't seem to work on these bulletproof Nazis...
... fortunately his strength sees him through in such occassions..
Slam's Jackhammer against a dam's wall with enough force to damage the wall and knock him out cold.
Sends a superior vampire like Baron Blood flying...
And can subdue him, if momentarily.
Routinely trashes Vampires, even the weakest of which is stronger than the strongest human.
Throws a church pew at a crowd of raging monsters, holds t hem off momentarily.

Superhuman Endurance:

Is thrown across gallery by Baron Blood, then promptly crushed with a huge statue by the Baron's unnatural strength causing him to smash through the floor and crash on a dinosaur's bones, yet receives NO damage whatsoever. Keep in mind, this exact same attack (substitute statue for boulder) rendered the original Union Jack a cripple.
Takes a full force strike by Sabra (50 tons strength) in an attempt to knock her out using gas. Is not injured.
Routinely takes a beating by vampires with no adverse effects.

And, just to gain perspective, here's what a regular Vampire can do...

That's a train car alright.
A bike is much more subtler, but still..
They can decapitate with their bare hands too
And of course, come equipped with superhuman speed and agility to boot.

Part 2 is below..

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Is stabbed by Zaran in the chest.. (notice also his accuracy, shooting one of Zaran's projectiles off the air at close range)
... yet that doesn't stop him from intimidating Zaran into submission despite him having the upper hand. He kept fighting superpowered villains with that stab wound all day, too, showing it doesn't faze him in the least.
Performs a dive into the Thames from an altitude that would kill or at least cripple any normal human.
Claims he wouldn't be hurt by one of Bombshell's explosive's at close range due to his resistance and body armor. Then intimidates her into submission as well, again despite her having the advantage.

Enhanced speed, reflexes and agility:

Dodges gunfire, energy blasts and melee attacks from multiple powered and heavily trained attackers.
And turns one against the other..
Dodging a punch from Sabra at extremely close quartes (she has superspeed as well)
Most impressive: Union Jack has jumped from an exploding air vehicle onto Sabra's back in midair. There he deflects both a bullet and a grenade using only a 6-inch silver dagger in a single motion. Then he takes out Oddball, seemingly cutting his throath or face. Showcasing superhuman reflexes, senses (to perceive the bullet in time) and expert skill in the use of the dagger
Whilst riding a motorcycle, shoots off the lock on a moving van (accuracy), then in the second it takes the vampires to open the door, jumps high and forward enough...
... to land on top of the van, doing so with such skill that the vampires are unaware of him landing there, which would take inhuman levels of agility, strength and skill. (Also, H2H, makes opponent shoot buddy with a kick).
Accuracy, reflexes
Kicks, catches and throws Jack O'Lantern's grenades back at him...
Shoots down Jack O'Lantern's pumpkin bombs during an aerial chase... (accuracy)

Martial Arts and Fighting ability:

Fighting Shockwave. In these, Shockwave recalls that he's beaten Shang Chi before.
Union Jack changes the tide of the fight...
... using fighting skill, his resources and the environment, takes down the martial arts master. This fight also displays his suit is isulated. Bear in mind he also took out Zaran, another bloke who's kicked Shang Chi's behind before.

Now, some scans of Shockwave's fight with Shang Chi for reference..

Shang Chi recounting Shockwave's advantage in H2H.

Taking down the Dreadnought:

And delivering a classic character quote.
Some good-ol' Union Jack multitasking displaying accuracy and fighting ability
And just fer culture, I'll show ye Union Jack's stats a little while ago while he had the full power of hte Pendragon. Now he has a smaller fraction, but he's still awesome.
Finally, a couple of pics establishing The original Union Jack's badassery.
Once more, into the breach.

Rule Britannia!

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Why has no one replied to this?

Thanks for the scans, I have actually been looking for some. A little Google translate here and there did wonders ;)

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Very nice respect thread

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thanks for the respect thread.

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Man, you have more images of the original Union Jack (Montegomery) than the whole of the net I find!

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