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The Uni-Lord ruled over an entire universe with his god like power. He was reality itself. One day he came upon a unknown disturbance and found it to be the Watcher Vartu, whom he began to call his Dark Counsel. It was Vartu that convinced him to create the Blackbodies and control the population of the universe with fear. When the Blackbodies would consume souls, they would leave one, the last of their kind, to join the Congregation of Finality. These minds linked together and fed the Uni-Lord the prayers of his followers, which sustained him.

He becme addicted to this and continued to rule with fear. Eventually, he had the universe in his grasp. But some would rebel against his rule. The leader of them was Harquis Tey, and he send a group of his followers, known as the Outriders, to another universe to attempt to get a savior. This was possible through a random breach in the Uni-Lord's power. That savior would be the Silver Surfer.

The Surfer was convinced by the Outrider to help save his universe. Upon his arrival he was met by one of the Uni-Lord's Blackbodies and his soul was taken. He was soon taken in body as well. But his soul fought in the Congregation and was secretly combined with the Outrider. This caused the control that the Uni-Lord had to weaken. His Dark Counsel told him this would happen one day, that someone from another universe would take his place.

In an attempt to free himself from the Surfer, he expelled him from the Congregation and replaced him with another, Pradda Fol. But Oclin was able to combine with Pradda as well and secretly continue to weaken the Uni-Lord. The Surfer was able to reform and fight the Uni-Lord and as prophesized he was able to take the power of the Uni-Lord into himself.

The creature was relieved to be rid of the constant speaking of the souls that gave him his power and tried to council the Surfer on the power. But when a new rip started in the universe from the power, the Surfer flew through and released all the souls in the vortex along with the power of the Uni-Lord.

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