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The Undying Ones are hordes of demons once controlled the Earth under the rule of the Nameless One more than a millennium ago, but they were eventually forced to return to their own dimension when their powers began to fade. When their powers were finally restored, the Undying Ones sought to invade the Earth once again.


The Undying Ones were created by Roy Thomas and Gene Colan. They first appeared as statues in 1969's Doctor Strange #183, and later made their true appearance in 1970's Sub-Mariner #22.

Major Story Arcs

Many of the Undying Ones' invasion plans have been thwarted over the years by Doctor Strange and the Defenders.

After his home dimension was destroyed because of one of the Nameless One's schemes, the Dark-Crawler single-handedly conquered the Undying Ones' dimension out of revenge.

During Fear Itself, the Undying Ones were able to come to Earth due to the rampant fear and chaos weakening the barriers that normally contained them, allowing them to possess sea-monsters and even Atlanteans in order to manifest on Earth. It fell upon Doctor Strange and an impromptu new Defenders team to drive back them back to their own dimension.

Powers & Abilities

The Undying Ones are demons with a wide variety of magical abilities and physical traits. Many of them possess superhuman strength and durability, as well as claws, fangs, and/or wings. They're immune to age and disease, and can recover from most injuries, making them effectively immortal as their name would imply. Many of the Undying Ones have also exhibited the ability to shape-shift into other forms, such as that of a human.

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