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A Storm-centric annual issue! Preparing for her marriage to Black Panther, Storm must first right the wrongs of her past. Also, find out which X-Men got the invite to the “wedding of the century”!

This X-Men special features Storm as she faces the most important crossroads of her life! How does she react to T'Challa's proposal of marriage? How will it affect her role with the X-Men? Will she be able to lead two different lives at the same time. This leads into next month's BLACK PANTHER / STORM WEDDING!

A special prelude to the wedding of the century. In the beginning of the comic Storm is under alot of rubble of an African hotel that she and some other X-men were in. The other X-men escaped somehow but can't find Storm. They have to push their way through the war like city and are being fired on every side. Storm still in the rubble dreams about wheather she should marry T'Challa or not. In her dreams she is running from wild jackals the symbol of her inner struggle. People that have been close to Storm appear to try and help her, like Forge, Jean Gray, and Kitty. It's when she stops running and fighting the jackals we see the Panther Spirit get up and try to help her, which she stops. She stops him and tells him that IF she decides to marry T'Challa it will be as his equal and not otherwise. But back in the rubble children toy soilders find Storm's body. They are about to hurt her when she awakes and attacks. Later Storm and the other X-men meet up and attack the dictator in head of the attack on them, which turns out to be Storm's jealous Uncle. They later find out where to find Storm's grandmother and she tells Storm some things about her forgotten past.

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