god_spawn's Uncanny X-Men #9 review

The Last Sup..er Team Up?

Good: The issue was fairly pleasant. I like Pacheco's art at times, even though I think it is a step down from Land (even if he does trace) The dialogue between characters was done well and they are starting to advance some points that fans might have been asking themselves like with Magik's detainment on the brig and Colossus finally having enough of it or trying to talk with Scott. Emma's back which I am happy for, I think Gillen has done a wonderful job getting the character back in her strong personality and doing it the way only Emma can. Her dialogue was probably my favorite, she had plenty of good quips and a decent little chat with Namor and despite thanking him, brushing him off and leaving his face a little stunned. I can't say Namor really cares for her in the way Scott does and he just might be after one thing but he did bring up a good point with her arm. I still doubt anything will ever come of those two other than being friends even though Namor keeps trying to pick her up, which at this point is getting annoying. The new villain seems really interesting, I can't wait to see how the X-Men deal with this guy and how and if the Avengers will help. Other than that, it was cool seeing all the characters work together like they did and all the little sporadic fights that were going on. And finally, Emma's outfit change, I liked despite it looking a bit too much like Dazzler's or Dagger's costume, it was better than the previously worn booty shorts.

And was it just me or did Cyclops seem really on edge in the beginning of the issue about something and Emma was the only one who really caught on about it?

The Bad: Can't really say anything bad, I thought the issue did what it had to and pushed along the necessary moments to carry into the next issue and events coming up.

Recommened: Yes.


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