cyclops4president's Uncanny X-Men #5 review

The best keeps getting better

Every great story has a few classic ingredients; character growth, a journey full of pitfalls and revelations, pain, persecution, and deliverence. This book has all of the elements for a truely great story. (5/5) The art is something that has grown on me. I have always been attracted to a more "Jim Lee" style, but the art and writing on this book produces a perfect marriage, as by book 5, I am a total fan! The facial expressions are my personal favorite, Especially in the interaction with the Stepford Cuckoos and the new character Healer. This story continues to follow Magiks drama of her experience with the powerful Phoenix Force and the price she is now having to pay for her involvement. I have always liked Magik but in this book she is becoming Something to behold. She is obviously very powerful but broken as well. This falls into line with why this team exists. Cyclops team is full of very powerful but somewhat broken characters, including the new recruits, the triplets and original Angel. I am excited to what these "broken" characters work together to achieve Xavier's dream whilst rediscovering their new identities as either post Phoenix force, time displaced mutants, or brand new mutants. Cyclops has always been my personal favorite and I am, excited to watch him continue to "bluff" his way through until he has been able to retrain his and his teams powers. he is a true leader and I believe he has his teams confidence.

Posted by Raw_Material

Nice review, love the cover of this issue.

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