guardiandevil's Uncanny X-Men #4 review

Great art and almost great writing

Uncanny X-men #4 will most probably be divisive amongst most readers. The great thing about the issue is that Bendis wrote a script that makes this issue stand on its own from All-New X-men, which is exactly what any good comic should do. I was initially worried that Bendis would make this issue feel too similar to ANX #10, but that is NOT the case here. The only downfall to this is if the reader isn't following both books; there will be some moments in the issue where you might need some clarification on what is happening. Overall this issue is similar to issue #2 where we get a peek inside Emma Frost's mind. I really enjoyed having another character study with Emma, and I believe it helps further her own private battles. Bendis also spends a little time with the new younger mutants at the New Xavier school which was my favorite part of the issue. The art was top notch in these panels and most of the new mutants have pretty clear voices which was awesome to see. The art in this issue overall was great, Bachalo did some really cool things with the panels in Emma Frost's mind, and I enjoyed the black and white effect. My last point involves the original X-man that joins Cyclops' revolution. I thought the book handled the reveal appropriately and made it seem natural. We as readers are not buying this issue to discover who it was supposed to be, but again I thought Bendis did this well considering some people might only buy THIS book and not ANX.


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