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Truth Tea!

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The good

High profile- Can I just say how Cyclops is literally rocking the hell out of being public enemy #1 with the use of all the new technology on the streets. This issue we have him give an impassioned speech in front of a great many viewers which will no doubt end up on youtube and the news making him even more of a hero to all those with mutant pride. Sure wolverine has the quite school like pristine at Jean Grey’s but those who are looking to change the world will no doubt find Cyclops uncanny x-men more enticing. The down side of this for Scott will be the attraction of attention whores and those who want the spotlight that he now attracts. I’m curious how much mileage Bendis can get out of his simple premise and what villains we’ll get outside of the now defunct avengers vs x-men shenanigans.

Cover- Magneto once mutant master of magnetism in his pope like white costume literally destroying the uncanny x-men logo, a bit dank but good nonetheless.

Facts- Bendis used Emma frost as his truth-sayer this issue directing the blame for the entire phoenix five fiasco at the feet of iron man who fractured the force in the first place and by so doing forced said force into the x-men’s extinction team members which they then escalated to the point that wakanda’s capitol was destroyed,

Humor- The new mutants continue to be the main focal point of this series humor. Some of it comes from their awe of what’s happening around them and how their lives have changed.

Hypocrisy- So wait the avengers were here to arrest Scott for the death of Xavier and take Emma in for questioning while magik another of the phoenix 5 who was never questioned or captured wasn’t asked to turn herself in? double standard much?

Tension- so magneto ‘claims’ what he did was for the team and also questions why Cyclops is the ‘leader’ when he doesn’t remember voting. Magneto is making or plans to make a power play for leadership at some point, it’s pretty obvious. Think about this, with Scott and Emma taken down by the avengers he becomes the grand pooh bah of the newly activated mutant kingdom. He would be free to do a militarized Genosha all over again. How he singled out Eva after he noted just how “powerful” she is. They need to watch this mutha very closely! There’s also no telling if Emma has her own agenda in all this after Scott’s betrayal and worst still Magik is cool going along with Scott’s plans but what happens if she decides it’s time to become more aggressive? Or makes a lay for dominance? She unlike the others is more powerful now than ever before, can the others even combined stop her?

Art-Chris Bachalo is still on art duty and does a decent job, though some of the finesse of the earlier issues is now gone.

Black Heroes- Christopher is here and that’s pretty much it and he didn’t do much.

Expansion- the issue ended with Cyclops journeying to the “Jean Grey School” to refill his ranks with those lost during AVX and any who are willing. Who will join? That will be pretty interesting!

The bad

New mutants- they need to get more of a spotlight if Bendis is ever hoping for us to form any type of attachment. This limited connection three issues in won’t cut it if we are ever expected to empathize and connect with them the same way we did generation x and academy x before them.

Art- this issue was a step down for the art in every way compared to the more focused and singular direction of uncanny x-men (2013) #1 and uncanny x-men (2013) #2.

The ugly

I’m still enjoying Bendis rendition of the uncanny x-men, the new mutants need more time in the spotlight but it’s clear this is all just the backbone and building blocks for what the writer has planned over the long term haul. 4/5 for a massively enjoyable read with loads of potential.


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