cavemold's Uncanny X-Men #3 - Avengers vs. Uncanny X-Men Go! review


The Good - The art is pretty good here and Bendis pickups where we last left off! We see Scott explaining his position but Capt might as well had not been there. I loved the how Cyclops rips into Captain America! We also find out why magneto has "betrayed" Scott and the X-MEN!. This was a fine issue and where they go next will be interesting to say the least!

The Bad nothing here loved this issue. The art was great and story is steadily moving along

Verdict A isssue that gives a a conclusion to Magneto betrayal and a issue that you cant miss!


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    I originally wasn't going to get this series, hence the reason I'm reviewing it so late. I did however decide to get it as it had decent reviews, but the main reason was the upcoming Battle of the Atom crossover which features this.PlotWhen the Avengers intercept Cyclops's X-Men whilst visiting Tempus' mother, a heated debate about who is in the right embroils, and it becomes apparent that someone is a traitor.ReviewThis was a fantastic issue, but it wasn't exactly what I was expecting. Brian Mi...

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