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The Good

Kieron Gillen does a great job of tying up loose ends in this issue the one of which was with Magik and Colossus which was a good ending for the current relationship they have going (not a great one) it ends the Colossus situation that Gillen has had going since the prevous Uncanny series. But what makes this scene great is Magik it shows how mad she is and how she has been playing with Colossus. There is also a scene between Cyclops Kate Kildare with the biggest twist you could imagine seriously you knew the character wasn't dead but you never thought it would happen like this. The conversation is great with perfect characterization and awesome dialogue. The art by Carlos Pacheco is great he never fails to deliver awesome visuals and his drawing of Magik really shows how mad she is.

The bad

The bit between Unit and Danger was pretty boring I never really liked unit (looks a bit ridiculous) but the whole scene was boring and the only down part of this issue.

4 stars.


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