lorex's Uncanny X-Men #20 - Fallout review

An End and New Motivation

I felt this was a pretty good but not great final issue, but in the wake of AvX and MarvelNow! it a fairly good send off for Cyclops' Extension team. There are some good moments here an some resolutions to some plot lines as well. Also there is just a hint of more to come in the future. 
Perhaps my favorite part of this issue was Illiana finally beating the idea into Peters head that she is not the little weak and innocent little snowflake that he remembers from his childhood and that she is capable of manipulating him and making him do horrible things just to teach him a lesson. The Danger and Unit scens was a but underwhelming but was Ok. The scene with Cyclops and Katie Kildare his PR agent was interesting to say the least for and could new source of motivation for Cyclops going forward.
The issue does a pretty good job af wraping up several plot issues but at the same time lays the groundwork for for new storylines going forward. Kierion Gillen does a fine job here wraping up what he could though I do think he thought he would have more time to spin his web more but was derailed bu the AvX event. Carlos Pacheco's art is good and I really liked his depiction of Magik as a powerful manipulator. As I said this is a good concluding issue picking what scraps were left over from the AvX conclusion. 
Overall I would rate this issue a 3.5 out of 5.


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