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The End

Overview: Last issue of Uncanny X-men as we prepare for Marvel now!

The Good: It wrapped up a couple of plot lines that would of other wise been left hanging and showed what several of the "extinction" team had been up too since the end of AVX, i was glad to see it touch on Danger who had all but been forgotten during AvX, and the interaction with Scott and his "visitor" was entertaining.

The Bad: It's the end!! I have lived my entire life knowing that there would be an issue of Uncanny X men to pick up each month! And NO MORE, it's a bit sad honestly. That aside it wasn't a very action packed issue and still left you asking some questions, also as nice as it was to see Danger her faith was still a bit confusing to me. I honestly couldn't tell you what happened to her, rather it was meant to be that way or it just confused me I'm not sure.

The Verdict: if you have been reading this entire series then of course your going to pick it up, and you should it answers a few good questions and help to lay the ground work for Marvel now. As a stand alone issue however, i do not recommend it.

Posted by One_Eye

Yeah, this saddens me as well as leaves me a bit miffed at Marvel. I mean Logan gets to keep his flagship title while Cyclops and his team have to exodus on over to All New X-Men, eh? Well, a fitting end I suppose and given what is in store for Cykes and the rest of his crew I guess you can say that this is a new beginning.

Posted by McKlayn

I am hoping that Scott's little rag tag bunch of outlaws takes over another title, Marvel now has said nothing about the Direction of "X-men" & "Astonishing X-men" but they have to address the fall out some how (despite totally ignoring the event while it was in progress) so i am hoping we see this team featured in one of those titles

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    I felt this was a pretty good but not great final issue, but in the wake of AvX and MarvelNow! it a fairly good send off for Cyclops' Extension team. There are some good moments here an some resolutions to some plot lines as well. Also there is just a hint of more to come in the future.   Perhaps my favorite part of this issue was Illiana finally beating the idea into Peters head that she is not the little weak and innocent little snowflake that he remembers from his childhood and that she is ca...

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    The GoodKieron Gillen does a great job of tying up loose ends in this issue the one of which was with Magik and Colossus which was a good ending for the current relationship they have going (not a great one) it ends the Colossus situation that Gillen has had going since the prevous Uncanny series. But what makes this scene great is Magik it shows how mad she is and how she has been playing with Colossus. There is also a scene between Cyclops Kate Kildare with the biggest twist you could imagine ...

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