twofacedjoker's Uncanny X-Men #18 review

Cyclops Gets A Visitor

The moment I opened this issue and saw the art style, I was unconvinced that I would like this issue much. Yes, this series had proven me wrong before, but something about some of the faces on those first few pages assured me that it was going to be another rough issues. Yet, as the narrative progressed, I began to see what was going on, and how right all the decisions made here were.

This issue sits squarely on Cyclops' shoulders as we explore the torment that he is going through; and, wow, I've got to say, it really got to me. The dialogue and especially the art really captures a feeling of hopelessness and torment that we haven't seen much of since perhaps that stint with Magik at the start. It's moving and emotional, as we explore the last few months of story archs and ideas and just how far Cyclops has fallen on the inside, despite his outward appearance. We do also get some pretty funny moments from some of the other characters, but this overall a very distinct look at how Cyclops is holding up.

With some really creative work with the panels and such a deep and effective tone, this is definitely worth picking up.


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