twofacedjoker's Uncanny X-Men #16 review

Magneto Takes Action

After a few issues of him being absent and generally restless, Magneto finally rises to the occasion, and allows us to delve into his persona briefly, as he begins to search for answers that have been long alluding him. This is very much a prequel to his upcoming series, and reflects the narrative direction and tone that that series claims to tote; this is more a mystery tale than what Uncanny X-men usually offers, as Magneto follows a lead that brings him to Madripoor, giving us some insight on Mystique's plans and what she's been working towards all this time.

I feel like this issue provides some solid pay-off, as Mystique has been scampering about for a while without much explanation. Also, we finally have a direction to go with for Magneto's character, although it seems that we will have to be reading the Magneto series in order to continue with it. The art is great as usual, and it's really fascinating to watch the direction in which this issue takes. Couple that with some stellar action and Magneto being a BAMF all around, and this is a pretty satisfying story. Occasionally, the art becomes a little much, but, for the most part, this is still the same fantastic style we've grown to love.

My only issue would be that Magneto's motivations for his actions aren't always made entirely clear for me. And, while I'm sure this will be expanded on in his own series, it would have been nice to see that a little more here, especially for those who won't be following that book.

I, on the other hand, will certainly be checking out that series, as this addition to the Uncanny X-men is pretty awesome.

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