god_spawn's Uncanny X-Men #13 review


The Good: This issue didn't really have much going for it. We have a page or two of the main X-Men on the moon ready to fight against the Avengers as they charge with Hope and Wolverine in the middle. We break to Magneto and Psylocke meeting Storm and a Satan gooed Dr. Nemesis with some messed thinky thoughts. His words, not mine. We get a brief recap of what happened with Storm and Black Panther and Betsy and Red Hulk breaking her arm. Magneto toasts the 5 brave mutant souls on the moon wishing they could be up there. The Lights get back to Utopia and go find Unit who tells them the Phoenix will have 5 new avatars and all that jazz and the Lights get blind sided by Danger who is under Unit's control. They get their memories blocked and taken back to the island and then Danger is rocketing off into space or something where the issue ends with the Phoenix 5 appearing. In short, there wasn't much to it. It was a recap of prior events in to get people caught up on. The only good I really found in it is that Gillen knows how to write his X-Men so well and that no matter who is talking, the dialogue flows smoothly between all the characters. I don't mind the recaps cause I think UXM is so much better than the main books and it provides a cheaper and mentally safer alternative than the main books.

The Bad: It was as I said, a recap of sorts but while progressing its own story as well. Nothing exciting to really worth mentioning nor was it just down right terrible.

Recommended: The issue can be skipped but if you don't feel like reading the drivel that is Avengers vs X-Men, please do pick it up for the recap or wait for it in a trade.


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