manneffest's Uncanny X-Men #12 - Battle of the Atom Chapter 4 review

No Time Like the Present

One might think the idea of time travel would be a tired old concept, especially with the X-Men. In Brain Michael Bendis' "Battle of the Atom", this is not the case at all! Bendis, along with Chris Bachal's art, makes this the most enjoyable issue out of an already spectacular event.

The Story/Writing

Writing wise, this is the strongest out of the other three issues. Bendis shows all the sides of the argument in sending the original X-Men back to their own timeline, giving you sympathy for what has been an almost annoying Jean Grey. But while this is definitely a serious book, Bendis throws a ton of comical situations, most notably the beginning where you hear the frustrations of Maria Hill concerning how the X-Men (Notably Beast) always mange to disrupt the space-time continuum. And of course we have a little bit of Deadpool humor, but just enough to get lots of laughs! Now the end, *spoilers* got me really excited about where they will be going with Xorn/Jean Grey vs. Emma Frost. Heck yea!!

The Art

People have mixed feelings when it comes to Chris Bachalo, however I love his cartoonish style. It works incredibly well with the tone of the book, well this issue at least. It might change, but at the moment. The highlight of the art was the double page of Xavier's grandson using his Cerebro, while the panels around him have Kitty and Rachel Grey argue with Storm and Wolverine about the original X-Men.


Amazing! This is amazing. I just can't wait to see where Brian Wood and Brian Michael Bendis take this! I'm on board, Past, Present and Future.

*prays silently for a Nightcrawler reference*


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