god_spawn's Uncanny X-Men #10 review

A Unit of Good.

The Good: This issue was great. I feel again Gillen is setting the stage for something for a few things in the future which he has done in the end of a few issues. And I like how for me at least, he knows how to completely flip an opinion but then changes it back. Like Unit, he comes off as a bad guy when he killed the humans then took Hope, then fought the X-men but merely in self defense as he just talked with Hope. Then at the end of the issue he gives off another villainous vibe. As a huge Emma and Scott fan, I felt it was refreshing that Scott got angry and jealous with Emma instead of Jean for once when Unit hit her and Namor with the pheromone barrage then Unit makes a quip and Scott blasts him through a bunch of trees. I also want to see how they will continue to develop Colossus in the future and where this ...deal of sorts with Brand will go.

The Bad: I found nothing too bad in this issue.

Recommended: Yes.

Edited by ApatheticAvenger

I think the deal between Cyclops and Brand was among the most pivotal things in this issue, as it puts Brand on Scott's side when it comes to conflicts (such as AvX) and also puts Brand in a position where she is closely allied with her boyfriend's ex-best friend.

Also, Cyclops and Emma forever, anxiously waiting for Scott to put Namor through a wall.

Posted by God_Spawn

@ApatheticAvenger: Agreed on the Brand part, as for Namor/Emma/Scott, I explained my stance in the PM on what I think will happen.

Posted by BlackArmor

Stupid lcc didn't have this issue so I didn't even know it was out. I've been loving Gillen's run so I have to order this next time I go to the shop

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