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Uncanny Review ( Spoiler)

As I have said before, I am really not a fan of the current status quo of the x-men, even though I have been enjoying All-New X-men as of late. I am just not interested in reading Scott as this super-aggressive freedom fighter who throws up gang signs and does not hesitate to blow up police stations. I am not interested in reading a Wolverine that has become the new Professor X and has a grudge against Scott even though before Schism he supported said that he would follow Scott to the gates of hell despite their differences. What I was definitely not a fan of upon hearing news and seeing previews about this title, were the re-designs and the state of Emma Frost and her telepathy. Still I am willing to give it a chance to see if some good can come out of it. While Uncanny X-men # 1 did not change my overall mind and make me in favor of the new status quo, it did make me curious to keep my eye on this series.

I'll get this out of the way: Magneto is the traitor. I'll admit that I had my money on Emma giving how Bendis made it clear that Emma has a grudge against Scott and that their relationship is over, but this is a decent surprise. If their is one thing that Bendis proved to me, was that he can write a really good Magneto, and he does that the same here with his conversation with Hill, though I must say that I am not a fan of his new white costume nor his...bald head ( Baldeto). Unfortunately, Bendis still cannot write a good Emma Frost to the point where i was confused as to whether or not I was reading her dialogue or Magik's only because they sound nearly the same. Speaking of Magik, her costume is the only re-design that I genuinely like, especially her big ass sword that looks like it was pulled out of Final Fantasy 7. While I am not a big fan of Bachalo's art, he does a good job in drawing action scenes and character expressions.

Overall, this a decent start for this series. If you are all on board for this new change for the Extinction team, then pick it up. If not, at least borrow it and see if it peaks your interest.


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