circularlogic's Uncanny X-Men #1 - The New Revolution review

Yeah, that visor looks dumb.

I don't side with Cyclops on the "Cyclops versus Everything" debate. There I said it. Don't I have balls?

And let's face it, I don't believe a single writer working for Marvel (except maybe Kieron Gillen) actually sides with Cyclops either. Certainly reading AvX (largely penned by BMB, who also does this book) it's pretty clear to me that the X-men were villains in that event. So honestly, I didn't come into this book with much faith.

Thankfully, Brian Micheal Bendis and Chris Bachalo just knock it out of the park.

Typically, Bendis has his own style that you can feel in all his books. Splash panels, witty banter that occasionally blurs characterization, things that give each of his books a certain recognizable quality. In Uncanny X-men, he gives it an entirely different quality. Humor is toned down from his usual motif, and combined with Bachalo's love it or hate it (I love it) art, it gives the book a tone that matches more closely with what you'd expect an X-book to be.

Another boon is that the book stays more or less independent from All New X-men. It is its own book, and it immediately distinguishes itself from the rest of the series. Taking place mostly from the point of view of the traitor announced in the lead up to this book, it defies expectations yet gives us something familiar. The action scenes are well rendered, the dialogue is tight, and the plot is immediately gripping.

The only real problems with this book are some of the coloring choices. Magneto's all white costume just looks very awkward against the typical brown tones of most of the book, and a panel or two with Emma Frost looked strange. That said, I was pleasantly surprised with this book. It hasn't done anything to make you feel like Cyclops is in the right, but I don't feel that's the point. Rather, it's telling the story of a group that are morally questionable, and I can get behind that. Make that another entry in BMB's return to form.

Posted by drphilter

I like your review but I figured I'd comment. I'm surprised to see that the majority seems to not back Cyclops. I agree 100% with him. I love All New X-men and looking forward to this title because I agree with him. I am curious as to why you think he is wrong and why he deserves to be villainized? Thanks sir great write up. Eagerly awaiting the book.

Posted by CircularLogic

@drphilter: His decision to allow the Phoenix to come to earth involved no logic at all. His experiences has taught him 2 things: The Phoenix causes death and destruction, and it possesses people and uses them to commit evil acts. Still, he fought for it to come and do what it desired, therefore he is responsible for every act of destruction it did, including Charles Xaviers death: He knew people would die but did it anyway. just because in hindsight things worked out doesn't mean he was justified. That said, I understand WHY he did it, so while I do seem him as the villain (or anti-hero now?) I still find his story to be interesting, and am able to root for him in stories like this

Posted by Webjaker

The twist was obvious before I even opened this comic, but I liked this issue and love Bachalo's art.

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