gold_dust_boi's Uncanny X-Men #1 - Everything is Sinister review

The X-tinction Team

Uncanny X-men Reborn! As ReGenesis chugs along, knocking out one hit after another, I find myself losing all my reservations about this reboot! Just like Wolverine & the X-men set up Wolverine’s entire side, this issue gave us the low down on all the mutants who sided with Cyclops to stay on Utopia. First and foremost, the new team is amazing! Hope deserves to be on a regular team (in addition to, not instead of, her own) and after 40 years of being around, in one form or another, Magik finally made her way to an actual X-men team! But one thing at a time please…lets go through this one piece at a time.

Like I said, the team is amazing! Cyclops, White Queen (that’s right people, the White Queen, not Emma Frost), Magneto, Namor, Colossus and Magik, Storm, Danger and Hope Summers rounding out the mix. Definitely one of the more powerful line-ups that the X-men have seen in years (not counting the periods where every mutant everywhere was considered an X-man) and there isn’t even anyone (technically) boosting a Phoenix effect. I love the new dynamic between Colossus and Magik, with her being the moral grounding and him being the borderline out of control powerhouse (as opposed to how its typically the other way around), and it’s nice to see her finally graduate to X-man status since she (and maybe Doug and Warlock) are the only New Mutants left that haven’t gained that status. I look forward to seeing how Peter struggles with the influence of Cyttorak and the power of the Juggernaut in the coming issues. I kinda thought that Namor was going to leave the team after his own series was cancelled but I find I am liking him more and more every issues and I think when the tension between him and Emma boils over it will be spectacular! Danger is Danger, what. Storm is still with us but she’s in a very precarious position now. She doesn’t agree with Cyclops’ methods or direction, but she doesn’t want to abandon the team or the remaining young mutants so she stays…but for how long? And lastly, Hope Summers. Future Phoenix. ‘Nuff said!

Scenery-wise, nothing special. Still on Utopia, the floating mutant nation built on top of the underwater Atlantean nation. We hear Scott talk about how the team needs to take a more global stance in mutant affairs and “superheroing” but it appears like all this globalizing will be happening from the same floating rock we’ve been living on. Point to Wolverine for getting a souped school campus while Cyclops stays on his floating rock in the bay. We did get a better team breakdown for Cyclops’ mutants then the school staff though. I look forward to seeing Dazzler’s team (YAY Boom Boom’s back!!!) hit the streets and keep San Francisco safe while Generation Hope (with new addition Pixie) works as a rescue squad for new or troubled mutants.

And Sinister. Heeeeee’s baaaaaaccck! I have loved Mr. Sinister ever since I first read him in the X-cutioner’s Song crossover back in 1992 and made it a point to get all his previous appearances before that because he was just that cool. Equal parts deceptive and truthfully, conniving and honest. Always looking to further his own genetic cause, not purposely to hurt other but not really giving them a thought either way. What could he possibly want with the Dreaming Celestial (and didn’t that massive robot have enough when Magneto broke in to help restore his powers)? This time however, he didn’t even seem to be really attacking them with malicious intent; instead he seemed more to be just pushing them along a path that he sees for them. In the past he’s been seen wielding powerful energy blast and body altering abilities, so why the need to publically antagonize them with a floating Celestial head made in his own image? Almost as if he were taunting them for some other purpose…

I honestly can’t wait for this series to get going. In this first issue alone he got to the see the new Extinction team in action, Colossus struggle with and transform into the Juggernaut, Magneto and Namor working for the greater good, and glimpses of the other squads in their various functions. This had everything you need to get a new series off the ground, even if it didn’t have 50 years of history behind it. Kudos to Gillen and Pacheco! Can’t wait until next issue!

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