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I'd really like to jump in this series but I do have a couple of questions. I haven't read many X-men comics other than an odd Wolverine comic here and there and and any odd time Iceman or Angel would team up with Spider-man. So my knowledge of X-men stems from that and the 90's cartoon, and I guess the movies but we all know that doesn't count. :) Will I be fine jumping into this, I really like Wolverine and Deadpool. Also is Rick Remender still writing this? Has he been writing it from issue 1? He's another big reason I'm thinking about diving into this.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Does this take place in the 616 universe?

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You'll be fine. I've read it with basically no previous X-men knowledge and I had no problems with it.

Remender has been writing the thing since issue 1 and is still writing it.

Yes, it takes place in 616, although they occasionally jump into other universes.

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it's the only x-book that I read

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It's currently the most awesome X-Men book on the shelves and you don't need to know anything about the past of the X-Men or something like that.And yes,Remender is still the writer and he hasn't had a weak issue.

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Although each arc can stand alone - it's really a huge 28 issue (as of now) huge story. You will definitely want to go buy the trades of the previous issues

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I'm all caught up now and I gotta say, definitly one of my favorite ongoings right now, except I wasn't really into the whole Captain Britain/otherworld/Lord Of The Rings arc. And was I'm not familiar with Captain Brtian but is that how they always handled things? Skinning villians alive and whatnot? Not very heroic.

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