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Clearly My Favorite X-Book 0

Uncanny X-Force tracks down Apocalypse and fight his Horsemen...things didn't go so well. Will they survive long enough for the series to continue?  The Good We get a look at the origins of Apocalypse's Last Horsemen. Jerome Opena's art along with Dean White's colors do an amazing job in giving more than the average flashback feel. The Horsemen are ruthless and show they are the perfect opponents for the hardcore, don't hold back,  X-Force team.  Remender continues the extreme action we saw in t...

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Schyeah...I quit. 0

Normally I give my reviews in a good, bad, verdict format but this go around I have to break from that to explain why I'm dropping this very popular title. It's not a bad title, however, I just have too many personal issues with it to ignore them any further. I usually give a title an arc (3-6 issues) before I drop it and this issue has made it clear to me that it's time for me to move on. The problems I have with this series are clearly going to be the status quo for this series or at least thi...

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Damn. I love this book. It has everything. The art's amazing, the story is great, it's serious but there's still humor keeping it enjoyable. If you haven;t been reading this, please try and track down the first 2 issues along with this one, and then you can just thank me. Cause you will. I know you will....

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The Final Horsemen 0

It´s been quite a while since I laid eyes in a such creative an interesting X-Men comic book, with a most entertaining and original opening pages: the renewal of the Apocalypse´s Horsemen is multicultural, with excellent good taste, great and concise background stories, providing to the readers a quick and appealing info of the current nemesis of the Uncanny X-Force, all of them selected with the crafty hands of an old character: Ozymandias. As Remender doesn´t explain much of Apocalypse´s real ...

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Nonsense abounds 1

Yay, we're finally told which horseman is which! And none of it really makes complete sense!First of all, what pantheon has a 'dark god' called Minotaur? Not the Roman pantheon, I guarantee you. Definately not Greek, the Minotaur was a monster in Greek myth (the offspring of a bull consecrated to Poseidon and the wife of the minoan king). Also, Rome had a large military presence, there's no way one guy that looked like a minotaur could kill dozens of people before being arrested. So if the final...

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Conflicting urge 0

This issue deals with the ongoing struggle of the heroes on the moon to swing the momentum back on Apocalypse's Horsemen who handled them so easily the previous issue.  This starts out with an introduction to the past of all the members of the Horseman before the heroes start to struggle against them again.  Really this in a sense sort of inverted the whole story here as the background stories were a lot more compelling than most of what followed.  Some of this follow-on story was decent, but ot...

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Horsemen Revealed 0

THE GOODI loved how they introduced the origins of the final horsemen. It was very well done and added a lot of great background for the story and characters. The reveal of how this information was being displayed was haunting. It had a very Matrix or Source Code feel to it.I enjoyed how powerful each of the horsemen was portrayed. Most of them were not actually as powerful as they appeared, but I was sold by what I saw on the pages as the story unfolded - regardless of how much misdirection was...

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