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An X-force Collection?

For those of you who have read any of my other reviews you will probably know I am a big X-Force fan,  with the previous (before the Uncanny series) being my favorite series for sometime. So when this newer team of artists/writers and characters came together I was both intrigued and slightly dubious about it. Living up to the previous run was something I thought would be very hard to do especially with introducing a new team dynamic and losing a few fan favorites from the roster. However, in at least my opinion, Uncanny has been a surprise, not lagging too far behind the glory days of the last team. Now to the business at hand the review.

The Good

The stables of the recent X-Force runs have without doubt been the combination of the great art and plot in which the death dealing X-Men have been brough to life. Without a doubt the art is Uncanny is still up there with the fine work of Clayton Crain's runs on the previous series. Current artist Jerome Opena's art is both fitting and suitably impactfull with nice flourishes of detail in the lighting and gore elements. Through the series there are many stand alone images of quality and his work on the series thus far should be commended. 
Plot wise this 3 issue collection is also pretty good, though this its mainly due to the side storys within the main plot. Sub plots including Archangel's hold on Warren, relationship issues between Angel and Pyslocke, and Deadpool's motives for working on the team for example are the main points of intrest for me. The writing goes some way into explaining why Logan choose this new team and how they arent quite gelling as a unit with their slightly conflicting personalties. But with the promise of an Apocalypse coming up I was expecting a little more, I have to say.  The inclusion of the Final Horseman was both interesting and a pleasant addition however.

The Bad

Ok before I get started on internal elements my one main peeve with this collection is it is only the first 3 issues of the series. So even if you read the whole thing, the arc isnt finished. You see nothing from the final issue and the outcome of  the issue included here, it seems weird to me to not have the whole story especially as a collection. But anyways back to the actual book.  The story seems to have a few lets just say random moments, I think this is mainly due to the inclusion of Deadpool (one of my favorite characters). X-Force has always been a pretty serious book dealing with potential mutant disasters and hunting down dangerous killers. I just feel Deadpool's light relief seems to work agaisnt the series sometimes, for example the weird scene in which he is feeding Arcangel doesn't really convey the fact that Angel is quite badly hurt. Deadpool's a great character when used well but he doesnt show the seriousness required here for me.
The same can be said for the use of Fantomex's misdirection ability which seems to be used everytime there is a major plot twist which can make them feel a little off and slightly dissapointing.


While the art is pretty good and the cast is more than interesting, I feel this collection due to the lack of a great central plot and some slightly off scenes is basically a slight step down form the previous X-Force run. The compounding fact that the collection misses the conclusion of the events it leads up to just adds further to the slight disappointment of the series so far. I give this colelction a 3.5/5 if it had the last issue it may have scrapped a 4.
Let me know what you guys think below, am I off the mark?
Posted by Obi Wan Kenobi!

awesome review, lazy! i need to catch up with X-force..they were my favorite X-team...

Posted by EnSabahNurX

Wow how can they only have issues 1-3 O_O that  doesnt cover the whole apocalypse arc T___T they couldn't just add the next 2 issues so new readers could get the conclusion to the first arc

Posted by Jake Fury

Typical Marvel & their stupidity. 
Good series, but issues like this that don't even give the full events of a series are pointless. It's also a big slap in the face of fans that paid $3.99 a pop for the first 3 issues when we could have waited for this for a meager $5.  
Not to mention I'm sure the trade is right around the corner....
Posted by EdwardWindsor
@Obi Wan Kenobi!:  thanks man , i dont write reviews often so i generally stick to series i know alittle about lol. Current Xforce has promise but they have alot to live up to last team was best X team in awhile.
@EnSabahNurX: preety much my view seesm bery silly, as XeroxKitty mentioned to me they will props realese a trade covering whole arc at some point making this collection effectively pointless.
@Jake Fury: Exactly man i have the trades but at least i have the whole arc lol.

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