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Magneto uncovers the existence of X-Force and the only way he'll keep the team's secret is if they assassinate a mysterious figure from his past! Who is so important that Magneto would employ such methodology? Why can't he do the deed himself? The answer is buried in a terrible secret from the ashes of World War II. No man can outrun his past forever...

Dr. Nemesis arrives in Utopia, welcomed by Namor and immediately disregarding him. He goes to Magneto and delivers an envelope. Its content seems to has a great impact on Magneto. Meanwhile, the team are getting back to the Cavern X and contemplate what it means for Warren to have killed the soldier of the Shadow King. Everyone agrees that he had no other choice but he is still doubtful about it.

When they enter the Cavern, Magneto awaits them, having disabled Deathlok. He shows Wolverine a picture of a Nazi from the envelope and asks him to find the man and kill him. He agrees and decides to do it alone, even if Fantomex offers help.

E.V.A. takes him to Brazil where he finds the old man in a desolate house. The man tells him he has been waiting for this day for a long time and is ready for it. He tells Wolverine that his victims will come for him, too and then Wolverine kills him with his sword.

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Weapon X-Force 0

THE GOODAs arc transition issues go, I was pleased with this one. It had a nice call out to the last story, a decent story where we learn more about some of the X-Characters and a solid ending leaving really no introduction to the next arc. That notion was left only to the preview page at the end.If Marvel wants to take a note here, this would have been an ideal issue for the "Point One" initiative. It is really a stand alone issue with just a bit of side story to let you know that there is a re...

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No Man Outrun his Past 0

I like the fact that Remender chose to tell two small self contained stories in a  roll, instead of throwing in another 3 to 4 issues arc story, before the Age of Apocalypse saga, this was a smart editorial move, building slowly the Dark Angel plot  (Marvel does it right at some times) - well, this was probably one of the best stories so far in this ongoing series, featuring a sad and numb Magneto asking for help to one of his oldest enemies: Wolverine - this issue was nothing that I was prepare...

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