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Caged Animals


I REALLY liked the story. I had a bit of everything, and for a non-arc story, it was solid and kept me engaged. Hot off the heels of Deathlok Nation, the team is back at the X-Cavern recooperating. Deathlok gets a tour, Wolverine is running Ops, Angel and Psylocke continue to attempt the impossible - controlling Archangel. All this AND we get a very interesting and exciting mission to take on the Shadow King.

The psychic battles are really something else. You never know how much control any of the characters have over one another. We do realize how powerful the Archangel personality really is, illustrated by his multi-plane double-kill at the end.

I do have to wonder... Psylocke's character really seems to like wearing a bigger hat when she is more powerful; why not change her real world costume to match? ;)


Is there such a thing as too much misdirection? I realize it is a very powerful tool, but at what point is it crying wolf? Also, why are the characters written to be so susceptible to psychic attacks? I realize these are creative choices that move the story in a particular direction - so I digress.


Highly Recommended. This is another "character building" issue between arcs. This time we actually have a pretty interesting and exciting adventure, with an ending that will change the team dynamics for the rest of the series. This is a must read.


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