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Really...interesting issue

By interesting I mean great thoughts. The issue was filled with some deep moments with Fathomex and Psylocke (as well as Cluster O.O did not see THAT coming), as well as some scenes of tracking some no good 'baddie', ending up with Cluster and Psy stuck in the hands of Weapon XIII. Making this review short so I don't have to worry about spoiling too much for everyone, but basically this issue is NOT revolved around the whole X-force team, rather what looks to be some Cluster and Psy bonding time so they can work together once Cluster joins the team. All in all a great issue and looking forwards to continue reading Uncanny X-Force.


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    I'll be honest, had I bought issue 6 when it came out I would have dropped this book then and there. As it is, I bought it today with this issue. Issue 6 did not thrill me. Issue 7, however, had to be read and I'm glad I had it. I went from wanting to drop this book to looking forward to issue 8.The change of art in this issue is awesome. I love the hackneyed lines of a setting in Paris. It oozes cool. It oozes sexy. I miss Ron Garney dearly, but the art of the past few issues has been really fu...

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