cyclops4president's Uncanny X-Force #7 review

X-Force? IDK, Girl Interupted maybe

Cover art: 1.5/5

With all the technology available, and all the competition to have a newcomer or a collector continue to want to pick up a book, the cover is essential shiny paint job that should create awe and desire to know what the heck is on the inside of this book! I get none of that from this cover. A boring Fantomex family photo, with limited detail and no background. Put it next to a highly colorful, detailed, and fun cover like Wolverine & TXM #32, this cover looses every time. The biggest question for me was, oh cool, we will learn more of the mom in this episode......wrong! She is mentioned twice briefly and has no appearance (spoiler sorry).

2. Story line: 1.5/5

The X-Force that developed a huge following was the bada$$ secret killing team deployed by Cyclops to do the dirty work that needed to be done without having the involvement of too many people who would condemn the very existence of the team and what they were having to do. They were the Navy Seals of the X-Men, led by Wolverine and comprising of blades and lethality that was so captivating. That was the vibe I expect with an X-Force team. This episode reads more like a day time drama. Absolutely no action, all relationship development between Psylocke and Fantomex and Cluster. (BORING!) I love Psylocke, she is listed in my top 10 all time FAV X-Men, and I really liked Fantomex before he split into 3, and I loved the X-Force team prior to this team, but with 7 episodes in, I am falling asleep and losing interest fast. I know you want a plot synopsis so here it is: Psylocke sleeps and steels stuff with Fantomex, realizes hes kind-of the douche personality and realizes she was really attracted to the "Cluster" personality. Psylocke and Cluster kiss. End of book.

3. Story art: 1.5/5

This was not a great representation through art or through story of Psylocke in my opinion. The art flowed well but was stale, boring, uninspiring.

Overall: 1/5

This book better start getting some meat on the bones or it will soon starve me to death.

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Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Don't read this but a good review all the same.

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