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Sam Humphries: If You Break My Heart I'll Never Forgive You

The Good

This is one of the few books I'm getting (actually, it might be the only one) where the art is better than the writing. That's not to say that Humphries is doing poorly, but the art is of a consistently high quality that the writing has yet to hit. Both Dexter Soy and Adrien Alphona are great here, but Soy wins out because he gets more pages, and more things than just talking. Highlights include the bottom right panel of page 5, the entire Psylocke-Spiral fight, and the bottom panel of page 16.

At the very least, we're getting a Fantomex-Psylocke reunion, if not a real relationship between the two. Please Humphries, please. Don't make me hate you by keeping these two apart. I read 30+ issues with the two of them, wanting them to be together for roughly 25 of those, they finally were able to be together and not have to worry about someone splitting them apart or being killed...and you separate them in the next issue. Please please please please.

The conversation between Wolverine and Psylocke is great. I really like that Humphries is treating Psylocke like a true badass. She basically tells Wolverine to f**k off and stop messing with her, and that's great. I think this series needs more of that. Well, not when it comes to Fantomex. I don't want to her to say "F**k off" to Fantomex.

The Bad

Little, eensy-weensy bit of plot. Like usual. More character moments. Like usual.

The idea of Wolverine manipulating Psylocke doesn't really make a lot of sense. He's just not someone who really does that, is he? Psylocke telling him off is cool, but the idea of Logan doing that to a friend (especially one that he went through Remender's Uncanny X-Force with) is...wrong.

The Verdict

This series is shaping up to be cool and what I wanted it to be from Day One, but I can see Humphries dashing my hopes and dreams against a rock. I just want Psylocke and Fantomex to be together forever. Is that too much to ask? The art though, will always be great. It is the one thing about this book is always great. You can't understand how tentatively excited I am for #7.

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