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Plot Development? In THIS Book?


I'm so grateful for Sam Humphries to FINALLY answer some questions that he brought up in the first issue. Oh man, did Bishop have a rough time before he shows up in Uncanny X-Force #1. I really liked that Humphries bothered to give that whole area of the story a meaningful backstory, as opposed to just "Bishop was taken over by a mutant." I wasn't expecting the explanation, and I'm excited at the ideas that this issue raises.

Good lord, Adrien Alphona is perfect for drawing the mindscape portions (the majority of) the book. I really like the cascade of images on page 3, the bear at the top of page 13, the bear (again) at the bottom of page 16 and Psylocke throughout the issue. She's drawn like an awesome, badass ninja. Dexter Soy also did some good work in this issue. He's no Ron Garney, but his art was a great contrast for Alphona's mindscape.



I don't like the idea that Puck is willing to tie up Spiral, but then turns around and drinks Jagermeister with her. It doesn't make sense that he, or anyone really, would do that. Puck isn't on her side in any way. Dumb point, Humphries.

How do Spiral and Puck miss the disappearance of Psylocke (in the real world)? I mean, she's right there! Yeah, they're both drunk as...all-get-out...but, she was three feet away! Three. Feet. And Spiral couldn't possibly have been that drunk, because she was tied up the entire time. Unlike Puck, she wouldn't have been able to drink at will, and you know that Puck would be hogging the bottle. I feel like that was an excuse to have Psylocke fall into the hands of another character. I know it needed to happen, for the sake of a side-story, but there had to be a better way.

Side note (and in no way related to the final score): PSYLOCKE AND FANTOMEX NEED TO GET BACK TOGETHER. Thank you for your time.


There's a bigger story at play here, and we're finally getting to see some of it. Finally. Though my favorite pairing in recent memory still isn't a thing, I liked this issue. Adrien Alphona is great, Dexter Soy serves his purpose well, and I can't wait for the next one.


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