omertalvendetta's Uncanny X-Force #5 - Deathlok Nation, Part One review

Deathlok Nation



Sorry the video is a bit long, but this is my first video review.  I should also say that these are unscripted and unedited.  I feel that's the best way to do videos, as what you're thinking is what comes out (even if you make a butt of yourself)   It's so much easier to review comics that way!!  Anyways, TL:DW (yeah, that's Too Long Didn't Watch...).  Liked the art, though I miss the old artist, but Rick Rememder continues to deliver.

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    Shaping Up For Another Great Arc 0

    Rick Remender is doing a stellar job on this series. His writing is fantastic and this series is continuing to be one of the best series on the market right now. I'm not really familiar with Deathlok, but I look forward to reading the next couple of issues mainly because we're diving into some character development of the two characters on this team I like the most.  If you're a fan of Fantomex or Deadpool like I am, then you'll probably enjoy this arc because they are the main focus in this arc...

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