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After Last Issue, What Happens Next? 0

The latest X-Force team went on their first mission against Apocalypse with explosives results. What will the next arc bring us?  The Good I'm still trying to get over what happened last issue. With X-Force, you never know what's going to happen and Rick Remender makes sure to keep us on our toes. The title of the arc is Deathlok Nation, which immediately got me excited. We get a lot of focus on Fantomex, which is a good thing. He's an interesting character and his background as part of Weapon P...

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Deathlok Nation, Part 1 0


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What The Hell Happened to X-Force? 0

Las time we saw the X-Force team, they had just departed the moon after killing Apocalypse, even though his new form was one of an innocent child. Now back on earth, the team deals with the latest mission's resolution while Fantomex makes an eerie visit to "The World", while the new threat to the team seems kind of cool it is not nearly as interesting as the "Apocalypse Solution" was. Let's take a look at Uncanny X-Force #5:  PLOT Rick Remender is a fantastic writer, he can create a really engag...

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Deathlok Nation 0

      Overall:   Sorry the video is a bit long, but this is my first video review.  I should also say that these are unscripted and unedited.  I feel that's the best way to do videos, as what you're thinking is what comes out (even if you make a butt of yourself)   It's so much easier to review comics that way!!  Anyways, TL:DW (yeah, that's Too Long Didn't Watch...).  Liked the art, though I miss the old artist, but Rick Rememder continues to deliver. 4/5...

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Shaping Up For Another Great Arc 0

Rick Remender is doing a stellar job on this series. His writing is fantastic and this series is continuing to be one of the best series on the market right now. I'm not really familiar with Deathlok, but I look forward to reading the next couple of issues mainly because we're diving into some character development of the two characters on this team I like the most.  If you're a fan of Fantomex or Deadpool like I am, then you'll probably enjoy this arc because they are the main focus in this arc...

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Even a drop in Art can't stop this book. 0

Rick Remender is quickly turning into one of my favorite writers. Just from this book alone. Every word, every piece of dialogue is handled perfectly and fits so so so well with the characters. This issue #5 is the start of the second arc titled "Deathlok Nation" and it is (without suprise) fantastic. The issue deals mainly with fantomex and his internal dialogue is fantastic. It really gives a view into the psyche of a character that I knew pretty much nothing about. Also worth noting is the sl...

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The world in your table 0

 This is definitely a comic book that shows solid and captivating elements, keeping the reader interested by progressively releasing doses of the story, making what could be just sorrow and doubts about the last arc into a great thrill, with lots of action, drama and the right balance of irony,acid humor and pain. I like how mysterious Fantomex past is and Remender´s attempt of unveiling these mysteries can, at least, be taxed as interesting, yet keeping the character true to his nature a...

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A terrible strain 0

After figuring my way through the first story arc with little-to-none of the background knowledge required to read this title in this issue it feels like being back to the beginning again.  This issue focuses mostly on Fantomex who is responsible for a miniature world which needs protecting (seemingly from itself.)  This aspect of the issue almost completely lost me, even upon re-reading it, it was not so clear.  The team meeting without Fantomex is a lot more clear, but doesn't advance the plot...

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Weapon Infinity 0

THE GOODHow do you follow an arc like the Apocalypse Solution? By rolling directly into another arc, that's how. The problem with this is, it can feel rushed. This issue didn't necessarily feel rushed, but it did feel like it spent more time with Fantomex back story, than setting up the next arc. At least that is what it looked like. Once you read through the issue, and maybe even look back at some of the earlier parts, everything starts to make sense. The Fantomex back story is the setup for th...

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