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Okay I was one of those people when Yost & Kyle left that despaired over X-force, I thought the line up was pandering to all the fanboy-popular characters and hated that Uncanny was in the title as I thought it would be tarred with the greg land brush (that's if he even knows what a brush is). Anyway I was wrong. 
The creative team on this book are doing fantastic work, X-Force is still my favourite book. The art is realy detailed and  appropriate, my favourite examples being Apocalypse crying! and deadpool's smile as he busts into the control room with Archangel. I'm very impressed with the fight scenes, a lot of artists tend to just draw Wolverinve slashing and every fight scene is pretty similar but his and Fantomex's team up is unique and well delivered.  
For a book high on action there a lot of very well written character development here. Psylocke does exactly the right thing her character should do, Wolverine well I think he would have gone another way but he's been softening for years now, Archangel is just sublime his internal struggle is well developed in this story something that was kind of dropped under Kyle/Yost. Deadpool's just deadpool doing the usual DP thin. I loved what wolverine did to shut him up, it made sense the grown up were about to talk and if DP was jabbering on it just would have took away from a great scene. As for Fantomex, well RESPECT!  
Put it this way, A LOT happened in this book, I feel like I was reading a book twice as long as some of the others I picked up this week even though there's the same amount of pages. 
They addressed a fundamental argument around apocalypse, Nature Vs Nuture. Do X-Force really have the right to kill Apocalypse as a child? The reason he became such a big bad guy was due to his upbringing to believe in survival of the fittest. If you're starting from scratch with a child that plays with fantastic four toys, could you not raise him to be the ultimate good guy rather than the ultimate bad guy? It's a question that's not really answered per se but I'm glad it is raised in a way that actually adds to the story, rather than put in as a retort to the cynics. 
This was very good writing and while I'm not overly interested in deathlok next issue, I'm trusting the creative team to deliver. They've earned the benefit of the doubt in my mind. 

Posted by RealityWarper

I agree with you.
But I want Elixir and Maverick / Agent Zero in the team !

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