no_name_'s Uncanny X-Force #4 - The Apocalypse Solution : Part 4 review

The One with the Big Bang

The all new X-Force ongoing series continues in this fourth issue and picks up on the Akkaba ship where Psylocke has come face to face with the reincarnation of Apocalypse. But can the young boy be rehabilitated, or must the team kill him off? 

The Good 

 What can I say about this issue other than that it is a model of sheer perfection? Everything I have ever wanted in a comic book, is here. You want edge of your seat excitement, perfect pacing, art that will give you an eyegasm, scenes that will make you want to puke and finally, a hint of a love triangle? Look no further. 

First of all, if you can write a book that can make me love Wolverine and Deadpool, two characters that have completely over-saturated Marvel comics, then you win. No, seriously. After getting hit by pestilence, one of Apocalypse's Horsemen, Wolverine snaps out of it and helps Fantomex come to just in time to prevent the ship from teleporting away. It is the following scene, however, that completely blew my mind. Deadpool goes to lengths in order to save Warren (Archangel) and the scene plays out absolutely brilliantly. 

The best scene in the issue, however, is towards the end when Psylocke faces off against one of her teammates and proves that she can truly stand her ground and isn't afraid to stand up for what she thinks is right. This was powerful because it not only showcased Betsy as a truly powerful and independent thinker; but also that she has no problem putting her personal feelings to the side and focusing on what she feels is the right path. The issue, essentially, was about getting the job done, and in one scene, Rick Rememder demonstrates to the reader that this ISN'T the X-Men, This is X-FORCE. It is in this issue that the characters realize that being on X-Force, a covert team, means getting the job done. Getting "it" done may also mean putting some of your beliefs to the side. 

The Bad

The worst part about this issue is the fact that I have to wait for the next one. 

The Verdict- 5 out of 5 

With it's brilliant pacing and edge of your seat excitement, Uncanny X-Force is required reading for ANY comic reader. If you haven't been reading, this is one series you need to have on your pull list.

Posted by Praetor_fenix

You're absolutly right, the way they depict Wolverine and Deadpool here makes them even likable characters, hell wolverine even pull some great jokes (like the one in the scene with fantomex). Still the drama on this issue is up to 11, so at the end nobody is laughing. Can't wait for the next one!

Posted by FLStyle

Just became a must read for me then, thanks Sara.

Posted by longbowhunter

If Deadpool was written this well in his regular series the world would be a better place. Loved the ending. Fantomex rocks!!
Posted by Dr. Detfink

Would you kill a mass murderer if you knew he was eventually going to destroy the world? We've all read/watched that BS where they go back in time and try to change the future. How many Star Trek episodes play this trope? This issue follows through with that delivery. 
The first team of X-force was Wolverine and the B mutants. This team is as it should be, a team of murderers. Remender makes sure you understand THAT.

Posted by ShirEPanjshir

Oh God, I can't wait to pick this up at my local comic shop. If it weren't for exams, I'd already have it by now. Usually I pick up my pull-list at Thursday.

Posted by Joe Venom

Great review!
I love the look on Wade's face at the end hes almost dumbfounded that he did not think to do it first, like he missed his cue or something lol

Posted by MiloshShomy

God, I love this book.... This issue was the best one thus far..... And I just loved the Psylocke - Warren confrotation... This is what previous X-force should have been....

Posted by JonesDeini

What am I missing about this title? I was so put off buy it that I chose to drop it. After reading this last issue in store I'm glad I made that decision. I mean It's a pretty book, and has a few nice moments from time to time. But I just find too many glaring faults in this title to enjoy it nearly as much as any of my fellow readers here on the vine or my circle of friends. What am I missing here?

Posted by G Bird

LOL the only problem I had too was that I gotta wait till the next one. This should be a bi-weekly release! I got my buddy into this title too, he likes it just as much as I do. I loved the part where Deadpool was feeding Archangel hahaha!

Posted by xforce1018

This X-Force is just as good, or maybe better than the last X-Force. I really love it.

Posted by ShirEPanjshir

I .. love this series.
I liked the previous series, a lot. But this new X-Force just showed they're in an entire other league all together.
Remender's writing is amazing, and perfectly completemented by Opena's beautiful artwork. I hope Uncanny X-Force can keep this creative team for a long, long time.

Posted by Squares

Psylocke has 'proven she can stand her ground and stand up for what is right' a dozen times before this comic, it's nothing new and it's hardly original. In fact, Psylocke has never been one to just follow orders. This is the issue in which the characters SHOULD have realized that Fantomex is obviously a far different person than they thought and there needs to be a serious discussion as to what the hell to do with him.

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