the_mighty_monarch's Uncanny X-Force #4 - Street Fighting Man review

Telepaths and Ninjas and Psychic Bears, Oh My!

I like the cover better than the previous one, but it bothers me because it just isn't apt for this issue. Fantomex and Cluster have a very minimal role here like the other issues, they're still the only characters detached from the main story. The interior artwork is still excellent in both sequences, and the balance is extremely nice. This is why multiple artists CAN work.

Overall this issue was a lot more focused, all the plotlines are converging, and the flow has finally hit a good stride. Even the Phantomex Trio make an appearance that I think sets up the next arc and explains why Cluster is the only one set to join the team. I'm a little concerned that the Fantomex trio concept is going to be resolved too soon after it began, but that's still a fairly distant concern.

There's a good handful of things in this series that could really use an explanation at this point. We still have absolutely no inkling of what the deal was with the demon bear inhabiting Bishop, much less the demon owl that made things even more confusing. Are they two separate entities? Because it appears that only the owl left Bishop, but he's back to normal after that. I'm also confused about Bishop himself. We've been seeing him fight for about 3 issues now and I still have no idea what the hell his abilities are supposed to be. I had to ask a friend to explain them to me because they were so vaguely presented. I shouldn't have had to do that.

The team is definitely coming together now though. Puck has been a bit reluctant, but you can definitely tell he's feeling the spirit this issue. But the biggest team building scene is the harrowing scene of defeat in Spiral when Ginny is taken. Psylocke has so much anger and resentment built up, but balanced with some interesting ninja pride, ready to engage in a straight up duel with her nemesis, but Spiral is broken. We've seen how much of a monster Spiral has been, and it makes it that much more powerful to see her so utterly dejected and empty after being separated from a little girl.

In Conclusion: 4/5

This series has a really nice flow to it, some amazing action, and very engaging and varied characters; but it still has some definite rough edges to sand down. But it does seem like once things get completely connected and rolling in the same direction, a lot of those loose problems will be resolved.

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