ironhawk22's Uncanny X-Force #35 - Rainbows, Puppy Dogs & Sunshine review

Is This The End? Or a New Beginninng?

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Phil Noto did a spectacular job on this issue. The only complaint I have is how he draws Deadpool. The cover is nice, but a tad misleading.

Rating: 4.5/5

Story & Script

This issue ties up a lot of loose ends, and makes a few new ones. The issue has some great character interaction specifically Betsy and Captain Britain's scene together. It was sweet.

The best scene in this issue by far is the scene with Deadpool and Genesis. It's a really funny, awesome, and well written scene.

I kind of jumped ship after issue twenty six, but I must say I'm disappointed in Remender for bringing Daken back only to kill him off. As a fan of the character from Dark Avengers, it's a pretty cheap move. From what it sounds it sounds like Rick really screwed up there. However his funeral is pretty well done.

The ending of the series is a happy one, and I like it. The series was so dark and grim, it's a nice change that for once the characters get a happy ending.


Really solid issue and nice send off. I'm not a fan of what happened to Daken, but whatever. Also didn't like how Deadpool was drawn but overall good stuff.


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