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Look deeper

So I saw a lot of reviews raving about this issue. I wont deny it, this is good, better than most comics out there. I don't think it's as good as other reviews made out though

The Good

Deadpool. The beauty about Deadpool's character is he's got a similar 'out' as the joker. In that his insanity can explain away that one minute he's characterised one way and sometimes he's totally different. Not we've all read the insanely funny versions of deadpool, the downright awful versions and even zombie head versions. What Remender gives us here is a serious but still funny deadpool. Some nuanced 4th wall references, some self awareness, some character growth but also something very important but forgotten by writers. Motive. It's pretty great, it's not upto the standard I've seen during other parts of Remender's run but there is more of it. All this does though is remind me how much I've wished Remender gave Deadpool an arc in UXF. For a while I had a theory, we had the team in the first arc, then the focus was on Fantomex, then Archangel, then Betsy and I figured Deadpool would be next. Wolverine has been wisely used, not taking over the book like most writers have done. I was really looking forward to a deadpool-centric arc from Remender. Shame we wont get it and this issue reinforced my disappointment. So bravo Remender, you've kept them wanting more.

Nightcrawler, once again Remender shows great restraint in not falling into a common trap of writing AOA Kurt like 616 Kurt. He's not the Elf we know and this is a good thing.

The Bad

The art. Yes Noto's art is better than pretty much most of what you find out there, for a long time I loved his art especially during the X23 run. What I've noticed as time went on though, Noto can't draw the female face, they all look the same. It may be a beautifully drawn face but it's the same whether it's X23, Sue Storm or even asian Psylocke. Best in class art is a hallmark of the Uncanny X-force series (otherworld aside), even the previous X-force too and when you think of Opena, Mike Choi, Sonia Oback, Clayton Crain and even the more recent Totino Tedesco I can't help but look at Noto's vanilla Daken, strange Blob and anonymous Omega Clan and feel he hasn't brought his A-Game.

Daken, it's not just the art that's vanilla. All this talk of his motivations seems very slow, laborious and almost hollow. It felt contrived and pointless as Sabretooth has already recounted Daken's motives in the previous issue. Daken wouldn't admit to this so why have we wasted panels?

Wolverine's. I've tried to avoid spoilers but I can't with this bit.

Wolverine get's his beserker rage on, this should be a moment of awesomeness of the highest order. This doesn't happen anymore and when it does it's usually Wolverine stabbing someone in the head. With Sabretooth in the mix this should be a visceral glory of violence. But instead Wolverine keeps his head and carries on like the feral in him is controllable. This is poor and missed opportunity.

The verdict

This is a very good comic, better than pretty much everything out there. But in my eye's Remender and Uncanny X-force have set very high standards and with the swansong approaching I felt we had missed oppportunities here. So in short get it but don't rave on about it like it's the gospel according to St Rick.

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